My dirty girlfriend

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Sexual passion is something that occurs not just between bodies, but between minds.

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Even while two bodies are coming together, so are their minds — and words are the vehicle that transmits this mental connection. Some well-chosen dirty talk with your girlfriend will let her know how much you desire her and find her sexy and will drive her wild.

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Dirty talk can build up her anticipation before the act, or send her to new heights of ecstasy in the middle of it. Either way, she won't be able to get enough of you! All these reasons are why you should have plenty of hot sexy lines, loaded and ready to fire whenever you want to heat things up.

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That's why we've written up this list of freaky things to say to your girlfriend we think she'll love. Dirty talk isn't just for when the clothes are off — you can use it to build the tension and anticipation long before you even get to the bedroom.

Use these flirty lines over text or while on a date to get her thinking and looking forward to the things you'll get up to later. In the middle of the act, dirty talk communicates your desire and passion to your girlfriend. Use these lines to make your girlfriend feel great and encourage her to get even wilder for you!

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Like right here, right now. Hard, fast. I'll lay you down, kiss you hard, look you in the eyes and make love to you as you've never been made love to before. You and your girlfriend might be freakier than most others, in which case regular dirty talk doesn't cut it.

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The raunchy, extremely descriptive language might not be for everyone, but if you're more adventurous, these quotes for talking dirty with your girlfriend might just be for you! Let's make sure they never find out. The louder the better, I don't care if we wake the neighbors. Dirty talk can be tender too. If you and your partner are going for the long haul, you can use these romantic dirty talk quotes for your girlfriend to let her know just how precious she is to you and how much you can't do without her.

Words are powerful means by which we can express and explain the simplest notions, as well as the most complex human emotions.

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They become even more valuable when they represent a mix of multiple domains of expertise. And, in the hands of the right person, they are eye-openers meant to make our lives easier. As a writer, this is what I thrive on. Share this:. Daniela Article Not Over Yet? Relationship Rabiya Ehtasahm.

My dirty girlfriend

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Dirty Girls Make the Best Girlfriends