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Hand-to-bum contact, if you can pull it off without cracking up heh, we said crackis a great way to add some kinky flavor to your next sesh. Also, one study found that it can actually bring couples closer.

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Try a few spanks during a particularly passionate bout of intercourse, or make spanking the main goal. Have the spankee lie across your lap, kneel on a bed, stretch out stomach-down, or bend over something they can put their full weight on for comfort. You may even kink spanking to begin over jeans or underwear first.

Follow each love pat with a short massage, too, to spread out the pain and keep things nice and warm. A woman might like particular attention paid at the intersection of bum crack and crease, with the vibrations reverberating throughout the vulva, but definitely steer clear of his family jewels.

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Remember that, because of your close proximity to your partner, spanking is especially great for pleasantly diddling their front side while patting their backside. Made-for-play paddles are available at any sex toy shop. Need spanking inspiration?

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