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Moderator: bigray Post by pumperspain » Fri Oct 08, pm. Post by Franky » Fri Oct 08, pm. Post by teddy » Tue Aug 09, am. Post by the-watcher » Fri Aug 19, am. Post by unit » Sun Nov 06, am. Post by Hoyt » Fri Nov 11, pm. Post by Hoyt » Sat Nov 12, pm.

Post by Hoyt » Sun Nov 27, pm. Post by halogen » Thu Feb 09, am. Post by the-watcher » Fri Apr 21, am. Post by VladT » Fri Aug 11, am. Prostate milking forum by e » Fri Aug 11, pm. Prostate Milking Discussion about male impotence.

Post Reply. Contact pumperspain. Yahoo Messenger. Re: Prostate Milking Quote Post by Franky » Fri Oct 08, pm I used to milk mine out very frquently by massaging it with my finger up the ass - I love the taste of the juice and it meant that when I shot my full load it was much thicker and lumpy due to less of the thin prostate juice.

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Sounds difficult but I do it all the time now and can sometimes shoot 4 lots out of my prostate before the final heavy jerk off of thick spunk with a minute or so between each. Cock and ball stretching is a way of life! You can never have enough scrotum and foreskin.

I guess its not the same technique as that required for a male multiple orgasm. Quote Post by unit » Sun Nov 06, am Can someone explain milking? How To info? I'd love to know more about it. Thanks, XL2K4. And cumming is intensified by like Is this what we're talking about here? Thx, XL2K4.

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Quote Post by halogen » Thu Feb 09, am we have tried without manual genital stimulation YES Ive done lo of it Quote Post by the-watcher » Fri Apr 21, am Love it, the feeling of shooting a load without wanking is unreal, and if you wank whilst doing it to me its earth shattering. Not all can this accept. Its expression of gland content, usually by dildo or vibrator introduced into rectum. The majority imagine this think in junction with gay mens - and introduce somethink into rectum is something strange as far as unacceptable.

When You will be resolved to try it, use a dildo with lubed preservativ better two. The first obstruction is introducing - be patient bud resolute and be prepared for some prostate milking forum from spasm. Usually help a warm enema - for relaxing and ofcourse for cleaning too.

The force to express glands is suprisly big and is needed a repetetitible moving from inside out. Before You become a experiences, You usually express only few drops in a session about 20 minuts, bud the orgasm after this is nearby ruined. Last edited by VladT on Thu Apr 19, am, edited 1 time in total. Contact e Milking Quote Post by e » Fri Aug 11, pm I like to start milking any like to help pm me hairyitalian35 on Yahoo messager.

Prostate milking forum

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