Panty fetish story

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This story from Shoemaker has been read 1 4 6 2 9 times. Doctor's panty man Written by Shoemakerongenre fetish I'll not go in to how I developed a panty fetish. I'll just describe the pleasure I derived from it. My wife introduced me to my fetish. She would buy me the same kind of panties as she wore which was Vanity Fair.

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This was back in the early sixty's when they were still being made in the U. The nylon fabric was very sheer. So much so you could read a news paper through it. The sensation of the smooth fabric rubbing over the head of my penis was almost more than I could resist. In our fore play she would have me put on a pair of panties then she would lay down beside me in a six to nine position. I would hold the waist elastic and pull it tight up my abdomen. She would reach in the leg of the panties and grasp the shaft of my penis. She would rotate the head of my penis around and around under the smooth fabric rubbing the rim of the head of my penis stimulating it till I was jerking all over.

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After a while she would she would pull her hand out from underneath the panties and grasp my penis through the panties and start jerking it till I started swelling harder and harder just before ejaculation.

She would then put her hand under the fabric again and rotate my penis under the material which was getting almost raw and very sensitive by this time. After a minuet or two I couldn't hold back any longer. She had complete control over my body. When I ejaculated it squirted right through the nylon fabric of the panties and arched over landing on my stomach, chest and sometimes even hit my face which really thrilled my wife.

After a night of making love with my Vanity Fair panties my penis was super sensitive. As soft as the panties were they would still drive me wild all night when I moved under them. I would wake up during the night when I would get a hard on while I was sleeping because my penis was moving up my panties and being stimulated. If my wife woke up she would grab my penis and rub it some more till I made a slick slimy mess in panties.

But even after I had an ejaculated she kept on rubbing my penis. The sensation was so strong I couldn't take it any more and had to grab her hand to make her stop. As smooth as the panties were they acted like sand paper rubbing the top layer of skin off the head of my penis. It was then that my wife wanted me to have vaginal sex with her. My penis was so sensitive that when I put in her vagina as smooth as it was it was stimulating me more that the panties but on top of that it felt hot almost to the point of being uncomfortable.

Having just ejaculated I couldn't go again right away which was fine with panty fetish story wife. The longer it took me the better she liked it. When I finally worked up enough seman to have another ejaculation she could tell I was about to explode in her and she would some how manage to have an organisam at the same time.

She tickled me because when she had an organisam she would start pissing in little short burst of urine. The next morning she would be so happy she would get up and cook up a huge batch of pan cakes. My oldest son of my five children panty fetish story what had gone on because his bed room was right over ours.

He would give me thumbs up and say good going Dad. I guess my wife and I made quiet a bit of noise when we would cum. My wife insisted we wear our panties all day long. With that smooth panty rubbing on my already sensitive penis I had a hard time not walking around with an erection all day. Some times when we made love on a Friday night we would go to a mall and walk around.

She would point out a prety woman dressed real sexy and we would follow her around. All the time she would be talking to me about how lovely the woman was and could I see her panty line and wondered if she was wearing the same kind of panties as I had on rubbing against my penis.

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It didn't take much encouragment before that little short leg was slobbering all over the inside of my panties and shortly afterwards cum was soaking to the out side of my pants and drying in an obvious white chalky mess. That would tickle my wife to death to know she could make me cum in public without even touching me. She loved that kind of power over me. To tell the truth I loved it too. None of this could have happened had I not had an abiding fetish for Vanity Fair panties.

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The Vanity Fair panties they make now days is made in other countries and the fabric isn't as smooth as it use to be. Panty fetish story Wife is dead now and I miss her greatly. I tried a lot of different brands of panties but none of them were as good as Vanity Fair used to be till finally I found a pair that wasn't the same but got the job done. They are sold by Secriets in Lace and are called faux vintage briefs. They are more sheer that Vanity Fair ever was and they don't have a cotton gusset like Vanity Fair used to be they just have a double layer of nylon in the crouch.

I like them that way. Not having a wife panty fetish story longer I needed a female partner. My wife's best friend lost her husband a few years back. She didn't want to get married because she would lose her husband's retirement income. No matter. We have some quality time together. She does the same things my wife did and even has some things of her own she likes to do. These different panties I'm using now are more sheer and filmy they rub my penis raw faster than the Vanity Fair panties did.

Something she likes to do is take me to a movie theater at the mall and rub on my penis under my clothes. These new panties are more than I can resist. I'll cum in just a few minuets of her playing with me. Like my wife she likes to keep playing with me after I have ejaculated and make a mess in my panties and my pants then walk me out into the mall with a mess in the front of my pants. She is like my wife in that she likes to have control over my body and make me cum even when I try not to. That woman can make me cum four or five times a day in my panties till my penis is so sore I can't stand to be touched.

Women's nylon panties are a big part of my sex life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I told my lady friend when I die to have the undertaker dress me in a pair of panties under my clothes. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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Panty fetish story

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My wife finally caught on to my panty fetish and won’t have sex with me unless I wear her well worn panties on my head