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Lawyers representing Kiss bassist Gene Simmons are furiously trying to stop the spread across the internet of a leaked sex tape featuring the ageing rocker. The sex tape, which hit the web this week via a website, GenesSecret. The site sought to sell the video but clips from it have since spread virally across the web.

Lawyers representing Simmons are now sending cease and desist letters to websites that have published the video, claiming copyright infringement. The sex tape is particularly damaging for Simmons because he has been dating long-term partner Shannon Tweed for more than 20 years and the pair have had two children together.

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Simmons allegedly made the type while on a promotional tour for Frank's Energy Drink. The model he appears with, named only as Elsa, reportedly works for the drinks company.

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Simmons' knowledge by a woman named Traci Anna Koval," the letter, published by Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag, re. Koval ever claimed to have any interest in the video, which is both disputed and inconceivable, given its surreptitious filming, such rights were acquired by our client Allied Industry inpursuant to a written asment and release agreement in which Ms.

Koval ased all of her interest in the video to Allied Industry, including the copyright, represented and warranted that no additional copies would be exploited or distributed and expressly consented to injunctive relief.

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In a blog entry, Simmons referred to the tape as "garbage that has sprung up from my past" and said his legal team was "looking at all ramifications and options". Last year, YouTube was banned in Brazil after a tape showing steamy footage of Brazilian supermodel Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend showed up on the site.

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But the ban was lifted after the video continued to spread across the web faster than their lawyers could have it taken down. Kiss and tell: Simmons sex tape goes viral. Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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By Asher Moses February 23, — 2. Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. But past events suggest Simmons' legal team won't have much luck.

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this article.

Elsa gene simmons

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Gene Simmons Responds to Internet Sex Tape