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Text messages that will make her wet: Are you sure you want to get your woman wet? Then these text messages are all you need to make that happen. I wish you understand the way I feel anytime I look into your eyes, you are just the kind of girl I love. I am in the bed waiting for you, if you can make me happy tonight, I become the happiest husband in the world. Whatever it takes to make you smile I will do for you.

I need you in my life to love and make her wet me warm on a Cold night. Warming up my wet body with your beautiful body is the most precious experience I had this season. I love you dearly. What a nice lady with two beautiful eyes that are so charming and lovely.

I wish you the most interesting moments in life. Your gorgeous face can make someone go crazy in love. You are my super lady full of love, patience, and understanding. What a precious person you have become, how I wish I can reach out to your beautiful lips so you make me happier than ever. Your heart is pure so if I can make it purer with my magic hands will not be that bad. You are just the best pillow I love to squeeze the most. Lovely lips mounted on cold lips that can send a man to paradise.

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Lovely lips with interesting cold chocolate around them. Whatever it takes to taste your beautiful lips is what really matters to me right now. I want to taste you until you are completely finished. You are just the best orange ever tasted.

The most beloved neck I have ever kissed in my life is yours. I love the way I approach you from behind insert my whole self into you. Sweet wife, I love you. I can flirt with my wife, her under gate is the sweetest I have ever tasted in my life. There is no other chocolate sweeter than it. You are so sweet. Falling in love with you has changed my life, if I have the chance to squeeze the package before you, I will be the happiest husband tonight. I hope you have made some exercise today, I will rock you to the core and only a strong woman can resist me.

You have made me happy, you have been making me happy and today, I want you to put a smile on make her wet face the normal way. The first time I tested your microphone, it sounded well as my wife. It is only your microphone I will always test forever.

The kindness of your heart makes me happy. It is the most beloved thing that has ever happened to me. I make her wet always enjoy swimming with you. Whenever we have it together, I used to be happy throughout that day. I am lucky to have a precious angel like you. To show mercy to each other. Mercy and blessing come in a various way, the mercy I have from you is the enjoyment we used to have in the bed. The truth is that I cannot be satisfied by your precious honey, it is the sweetest honey in the entire world.

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I thought beauty has ended in the face until I saw your gorgeous body, I am so lucky to have a very well carved and shaped wife. While you walk towards me, I feel a great impact on me. You are the sweetest tree full of beautiful flowers. I am lost in love with you, that sweet hug from behind make her wet me to a great pleasure. Can we have some romance tonight, could you please come closer to me so I can pull your dress up until you final melt on my hand.

I felt like the day has come when things will begin to be fine. I am completely in love with you. I feel like eating everything about you. When I come closer to you, what I love the most is to kiss your entire body. I have found the perfect wife, she loves it so much and does not mind how many times my guy rises and falls. The survival of the fittest is the best title to be given to what happens in our bed. I am always ready to destroy you in our bed. A matrimony pleasure is that beautiful moment you mount your soft lips on a soft neck, gumming your entire body on a soft wall that passes an electric power into your body.

That moment you can never let go quickly. I wish to have a great moment with you tonight as you make me happy. You are a woman with an exceptional personality and beauty. I will be with you all day, I will be your masseur and make you feel fine with yourself because you are the sweetest ever. I hope to be happy with you for the rest of my life. To the most gorgeous person in my life, you are simply the most wonderful person in this world. I love you and there is no lie in my statement.

Freaky Paragraphs For Your Lover. Who can make me happy as you are? In words you are fantastic, in bed you are Christiano Ronaldo. I love you. Whenever I feel like entering a paradise, I come to you for salvation to be there for the best comfort in life. I love you more and more, I cherish you beyond what you can think of.

You are a perfect match for me. The truth is that I cannot deny the fact that you belong to me. You are always special and make her wet taste of your lips are supernaturally the sweetest honey ever tasted. Whatever it takes to make you happy will be my one priority in life today, it is the grace of God that me us met.

I have been very happy since the day I set my eyes on you. We may not be happy in life but not when we have someone specially made for us. We are meant to satisfy each other.

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Do you know why I have decided to be your all my life? It is because there is great joy in playing with you. It is like, your hand touch used to revive my body. Wherever you are, you will be the best for me. You will never forget the first kiss I will mount on your body.

Lovely things are rare to find because they are the only things that can make you happy. Come and feel my body tonight. I am already in my nightgown waiting for you in our bed. With you, love becomes the most beautiful experience. You are the most gorgeous lady in the world. You make her wet pleasure itself, your kind of pleasure is the most interesting one ever experienced. Thanks for your time and attention. You have all it takes to make a man feel like he is in paradise.

Your eyes are a moon, full of light that is irresistible. Tasting your lips has become my favorite, I cannot even do without them as anymore. I love you so much believe me. Thanks a lot, you have met the target I need in a woman.

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You are just the best for me, and there is no doubt. I wish you lovely moments in life, I cherish you because you are the most gorgeous queen in my life. No one understands the depth of my love for you. Thanks for always being there for me. I thought to be in love with you is just the normal way not knowing that you will always be there for me.

Make her wet

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60 Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet