Leaked wife photos

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Cyber harassment has long been a problem that has plagued our society. However, what stings the most is when betrayal of such an immense level comes from those closest to you. One of the recipient is my friend and she doesn't know how to break it to her co-worker. This is not the incident of its own kind. Countless instances where men have broken trusts and ed after a fight or a break up. Ladies, I urge you. No matter how much he loves you, don't send stuff or let him film you during an intimate moment.

Even if he doesn't them, the phones get snatched all the time and data gets recovered. Once something goes on the internet it stays. The problem lies within this mindset where leaking pictures is seen as a form of revenge. We're the first generation with such technology.

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We don't know how much it can haunt us for the rest of our lives and basically ruin it. If someone truly loves you, they would never put you at so much risk to begin with. The horrifying fact that a husband put his wife in a position where he became the perpetrator of cyber harassment for her did not sit well at all with those who chanced upon this Twitter thread.

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More like an "excuse of a human being" than just a "jealous husband". Not only is this a major breach of trust — which, at this point, is a minor matter — it is also a crime that must be reported. Fortunately, with the existence of Digital Rights Foundationit can be. Led by Nighat Dad, who is an activist and a lawyer, the highly skilled team at Digital Rights Foundation handles matters pertaining to episodes of cyber harassment such as these.

They can be contacted through their Facebook at all times, and through their helpline which is functional from 9 am to 5 pm throughout Monday to Friday. It is all too easy to shame women and dismiss the matter by saying that she should have been careful in the first place.

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Should she have been careful about the man she was supposed to spend her life with? What possible way could one find to blame the woman here? Incidents like these will keep repeating themselves and pushing women on the receiving end to the absolute edges unless we take action.

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The blame can only fall on the perpetrators who, at the end of it all, must be held able. We asked you guys what the craziest things Pakistani kids around you have said or done, and boy, you did not disappoint. Here we go:. A few myths about drinking coffee have been roaming around for quite a while now, but worry not, because we are here to bust them for-ever.

The links between coffee and cancer Did you know that coffee was once recklessly touted as a cancer treatment? Yep, no kidding! We found a CCTV video of a mystery bag and we can't stop thinking about what's in the leaked wife photos that got stolen away!

Care to venture a guess? From the opposition to the Domestic Violence Billto the shocking of cases surfacing, Pakistani women are in despair. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Recents Showsha Dinly Astrology khaufnaak More. About Contact Advertise. By Sajeer Shaikh 28 Jun, Share This. More Recent Stories. Here we go: by Sajeer Shaikh. Dinly Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

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Leaked wife photos

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