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Forum Rules. Register Help Remember Me? Thread: New Nutaku game: Panties of Rage. Unregistered Guest. New Nutaku game: Panties of Rage There's a new game on Nutaku called Panties of Rage which has been available for 2 days now but I can't play it at all. Every time I try to start the first mission the game freezes and it gives the error message: Uncaught Runtime error: memory access out of bounds.

Is this something the game developers have to fix or is it my computer? Has anyone else been able to play this game? Reply With Quote. You can play if you click the button fast enough. But the game is meh. Date Sep Posts Credits This is going to get boring pretty fast if we only get these two characters. The battle sprites and attack animations are atrocious. Oh yay, panties of rage 'we don't know how to name games' game.

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Shit like this could have the chicks reach out of my screen to give me a RL handjob and I still wouldn't be caught dead playing something called 'Panties of Rage. More info Okay the developer fixed the bug so the game is playable now. It's not bad so far but once you get a few levels in there are point requirements for completing levels and I'm having a hard time meeting some of them. Does anyone have tips on how to get more points?

I know that Punishments give extra points and killing enemies with weapons does too but IDK if using skills helps. I can say for sure that fighting on level 5 will always give you the panties for Aisha, and based on the drop rate I've experienced you have to beat it about 20 times to unlock her.

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Looks like a re-skin of the iPhone game "Fist of Jesus" w. Originally Posted by Unregistered. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Resources saved on this : MySQL 3.

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Kick Zombies In The Face In Nutaku's Panties of Rage