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in. Reyna woke up ten minutes after noon. She felt wispy like blackish gray cobwebs hanging from the cei l ing. Chronically imbalanced life. Worn thin from being a manhandled skiff thrown by waves while attempting the sea passage around the Aleutians. Most bored naked she woke up and ignored the world. She felt her dry cunt with her fingers. She took a few hits of pot, set the pipe back on the night stand, opened up her computer, leaned her now spinning head onto her left elbow and bored naked watching Youtube. Hooked like a halibut on the pike. Stuck the metal tip through her fleshy underbelly, where her bony elbows rub against the last couple ribs.

For hours she lay in this fetal position on her side, a female version of the gigantic stoned Buddha, red eyes glued to the flashing screen. The Twat family, that was who she was watching. They lived in beautiful Calabasas. Large house. Two little whining dogs. Their normal made Reyna giggle with glee and flap her penguin flippers. They are so stuuuuupid. Three episodes in she could take no more. Reyna was hanging on the same cliff at the end of the third episode as she was at the first. Then they introduce something new, and…grrrr…nope nope.

She slammed her laptop closed.

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Shower time. She stood up from bed, and made her first pit stop in front of the tall standing mirror leaned up against the mahogany dresser with six drawers. She gazed curiously at her own naked body, tilting her head from side to side. All the sleep helpsshe thought poking her stomach. It felt like pizza dough. She slipped out her bedroom door, and teetered down the hall towards the bathroom. No one else was home.

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Her roommates were already at work. Had been at work for hours. For a moment he returned to memory as she stepped out of white bath slippers and placed the p of her feet on the cold ceramic tiles of the bathroom floor. That happened sometimes. The rack located next to the stinky bathrooms. Pompeii erupted in her tummy. A thick stream of water hissed from the metal bath tub faucet. The thick stream ceased to flow. Water rained downwards from the shower head, bouncing off the white curved floor of the tub. Reyna dangled bored naked palm under the spray gauging the temperature.

When it felt to her liking she slipped off her robe and planted the p of her feet into the tub. The hot water eased into her head like a massage. The massaging hands moved down onto her neck and shoulders, then onto the middle of her back, rubbing out giant clenched fists of tension.

Hands of Herculues. The hands moved lower, caressing the cheeks of her ass, then her hamstrings and calves. Reyna turned around in a half circle to face the shower, water now falling against her face, then splattering her collarbone. She lifted her head so the hands scratched under her chin and neck, making her grin with pleasure like a house cat. She stepped back, the spray ricocheting off her breasts one at a time.

She leaned back. The water hit her stomach, then down to her thighs. She let it linger between her legs. They were a person dancing alone underneath a remote waterfall in northern Thailand. The fingers acted again, slipping between her legs, searching hungrily for the mouth of her quim, passionately swimming in cricles around the pool where the waterfall fell. It came from the hallway. What are you still doing at home? Let me finish. She bent at the knees in order to scrub soap on her ankles, calves and feet. Soaping the back was difficult. It made her think of him again. She strained to reach around, first with bored naked right arm, rubbing the bar of soap bored naked and down in awkward motions, then around with the left arm doing the same.

Sun came through the white curtained window with a gust. Reyna unclipped the lid on a bottle of coconut shampoo, dropped a drizzle into her palm, then lathered it on her black hair. Hair so long it reached her lower back.

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Just came for the mail. What a relief, thought Reyna as she took a deep breath. She slowed down, turned the water off. Her hand crept out of the shower and snagged a white towel from the rack. She wrapped her hair, then stepped carefully out, one leg at a time until she was standing bored naked front of the vanity. She wiped the fog. She had breasts. She had hair. She had legs, prize winning legs.

Those muscle were gone. They were just fit legs now. Sometimes she jogged and walked the cat. She put a little plastic cup of Starbucks Christmas blend in the machine, pressed down the lid until it crunched open that little plastic container, added water, then pushed the power button. The thing started making funny noises. She leaned her body against the marble counter. Her cat approached, jumping from floor to stool, then onto counter. Reyna was lost in thought and ignored Matilda. The bored naked beeped when the water finished boiling. She pushed the button with the little cup inia sending hot brown liquid drizzling into a black Starbucks mug.

What shall I do today? She stuck her hand on her cunt. It was still dry as Joshua Tree National Park.

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Therefore she had the ability to decide what she wanted to do every day. There were some financial limitations. She could go to New York though, but what the hell bored naked she going to do in New York. I could fly to France. She felt her cunt again, this time a little liquid dripped onto her index finger. She smiled. One way tickets to Paris were under a thousand. The only thing stopping her was arriving in Paris with no money, no return ticket, no friends, no French, no work. There really was no reason for her to be there.

She just wanted to go somewhere.

Bored naked

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