Why do i like pantyhose

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Of course we didn't want to hear that. Men have imperfect legs too, but do they wear pantyhose to impress anyone? And eventually, those hose are gonna come off, and you still have imperfections anyway. I agree with you; it adds a degree of professionalism and formality when women wear them. Like a man wearing a tie. Ties are uncomfortable, and don't serve any real purpose, either. But they are a given for most occasions when you need to be dressed up!

I don't really think bare legs are the best option for certain business settings, but I really hope you are judging these female interviewees on more than their attire. My clients all put "must be smartly dressed" in the criteria for the job. If I think a candidate is suitable for the post, I get my assistant Sarah to explain the dress code.

If not, I have to find someone else. Men have imperfect legs too, however, they why do i like pantyhose don't go bare legged into work much. Most people, women included, would think that is inappropriate for the workplace Hosiery for women completes the outfit, and has come a very long way since the 80's. Forget the drugstore brands, give Commando or Blanqi hosier a try. You will simply be amazed at how comfortable they are. You'll get far more complements while wearing nicer hosier. MadisonW I always wear pantyhose or opaque tights, depending upon the dress or skirt that I'm wearing.

I like to look polished and put together. Try Leggs Sheer Energy, as long as you use hair spray on them and put lotion on your legs b4 putting them on you will get at least a half a dozen wears out of them. Plus they look and feel very sexy on your legs :.

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Long ago women wore nylons that had to be held up by garters. Someone decided to make things easier and combined the nylons with a built in panty. And they be can pantyhose.

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Not tights. Tights were much thicker. They were opaque and warmer than pantyhose. Since then people have corrupted the definitions and they mean almost the same thing. The weight of the yarn and the thickness of the weave determines which is the right name. Anything up to 40 denier is considered to be pantyhose, the heavier material makes them tights. I don't think they are "Uncomfortable" or "Horrible".

I wear pantyhose everyday no matter what the weather. In the summer I wear them with shorts. Makeup for the legs! Well I suppose if it makes you happy to wear pantyhose, then by all means you should. But wearing pantyhose to me sounds like you've got something to hide, and they may look good, but it's fake. Kinda like implants That's not real but is pleasing to the wearer, and people seeing them.

Pantyhose in essence can be Make-up for the legs. Yea I have a few flaws, but I wore them before I had kids also. Sweetie try Leggs Sheer Energy, they look and feel awesome on your legs. Plus if you want something from your man try wearing them when you ask him for it and you will most likely get it :. Unfortunately, with that attitude, you women are heading for a fall. Pantyhose are not itchy at all.

That's ridiculous. And as to 4, that's not a revolution, it's de-evolution because men are not going to tolerate it. I've already noticed that men are becoming more and why do i like pantyhose feminized to deal with the fact that women have become excessively masculine.

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It works both ways. Men have stopped caring what women think of them as well. If women keep looking more and more like men because they adamantly refuse to wear women's clothes, men will stop paying attention to them completely.

I used to be a gentleman and open doors for women, but now, if they are dressed shabbily, I don't. All I've seen is petty, weak, nonsensical excuses as to why women don't wear pantyhose anymore. The real reason is because they want to be men. And that is very sad.

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All around me, everywhere I look, I see the death of the female and femininity. Women have nihilistically destroyed their own gender!!! You're not being asked to wear pantyhose on a date--why are you concerned about turning a guy on at work? Yeah my bad, I just re read the question it was awhile ago! It doesn't bother me much why do i like pantyhose I'm expected to wear it at work or to formal events, if it's expected of me I'll do it.

But if I'm just going out to dinner with a guy or with friends, I probably wouldn't wear it. You go girl, I think we are among a very small minority that loves to wear pantyhose. I can't wear a mini skirt and high heels without wearing pantyhose. I don't care if they are not in fashion, I love my pantyhose and will always wear them. I thought I'd throw this out there for all of you women. I saw a feature on on of the morning news shows that said women are not wearing pantyhose to work and formal events as in the past, and pantyhose wear is declining overall.

I found this piece to be interesting, since men of my generation grew up admiring hose on women's legs. Please share your views on this subject ladies? Share Facebook. Why don't women like wearing pantyhose? Add Opinion. SomebodyToldMeh Xper 4. I've just gotten done reading these comments. And I almost laughed. I'm always cold, and I only wear dress pants or uniform-looking outfits, so pantyhoes look silly on me. My mother also said that I'm not getting stockings anymore. But, those are the only reason I don't have any to wear.

If I had some skirts. Like I wanted for my birthday. I'd 'borrow' some hoes from my church friend. But, really, I don't think girls know guys like classy. Like, at all. All I've seen on the tele is skinny girls that bounce around with huge boobs that can't be real and short shorts. If one were to see a classy looking lady, she's abit old and sometimes if she isn't 'old' Altman heavy. Girls my age are getting dumber and dumber because we listen to what commercials say about what guys love instead of asking them straight up.

We act like sluts and are willing to put out because we think guys actually mean 'ii love you' while they're looking at us nakie.

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Sorry if I was ranting. They make me feel even more like a. I hope I made sence. PantyhoseChic Xper 4. I don't wear pantyhose everyday, but I do every chance I get. I really love the way they make my legs feel and look. My legs are sexy without them and I always tan real easy in the sun. My friends always ask me why I wear them so much when my legs are as tanned as they are but I just tell them I like my legs with pantyhose on them. Both guys and girls look at me when I wear them and I'm always the first to get asked for a dance when I go out with my girlfriends and I never have to pay for a drink when we why do i like pantyhose a bar.

As for them being uncomfy, girls try Leggs Sheer Energy, they feel really great and look very sexy on your legs. Suntan and coffee are the sexiest colors in my opinion, and they are around 4 dollars a pair. Also, as long as you use hair spray on them and put lotion on your legs b4 wearing them you will get about a half a dozen wears out of them.

So there now girls, you have no excuse for not wearing them. Legs Sheer Energy offers comfort at a very affordable price :. EmilytheNukeE Xper 5. Because if you don't shave often and well, they grab your little leg hairs and pull them I rarely shave, since I'm very blonde and you can't really see or feel the hair - it's very nice and handy, except when hose are involved.

Why do i like pantyhose

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Girls do you like wearing pantyhose? Why or why not wear them?