Face sitting fetish

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Why would anyone do this? Face sitting can be undertaken during vanilla sex, with either a partner of the opposite sex or same sex, or it can be dialled all the way up to kinky and beyond, by adding a touch of control and power exchange into the equation. This may move on to smothering, which is bringing in asphyxiation fetish as well as general control desires. Is Queening better than face sitting? It depends on your personal fetishes and sexual preferences.

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Have you ever experienced facesitting? Did you do this to a partner or did they do it to you? What were your feelings on the matter? Would you try it in a more kinky way? Please read my other Fetish Friday posts here. I love how a simple act like facesitting can vary from mild to very intense. I love the power exchange, the lack of eye contact and lack of acknowledgement reducing me down to a mere inanimate object.

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Thanks for your comment and for reading my post. You have captured your desires perfectly there, and what you describe sounds highly appealing right now!

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Cara xxx. I have had a wonderful gf now for a year next month. It started out of us engainen in the 69 position. I would climax before she did but we would stay in that position although she would sit up more on my face so that I could easily get her off. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Face sitting fetish

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