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Nobody can doubt that Kik is one of the best and most fun to use instant messaging apps around.

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Whether you are looking to chat with your existing friends or meeting new people and making new friends, the Kik Messenger app would be ideal for you. We have written extensively on how to best use the instant messaging app for example as a tool to make friends. That is all well and good, by how to do get started? The first thing you would need to do after downloading and installing the Kik Messenger app would be to create your own profile.

In this article we will explain not only what you would need to do in order to go about creating a profile on the Kik Messenger appbut we will also give you lots of useful tips on how to actually create a successful Kik Messenger profile that would allow you to make the most of using the instant messaging app. Of course the best thing to do before you would be able to create your Kik Messenger profile is to download and install the Kik Messenger app into your mobile device. If you have never done this before we will now briefly explain how you would do this from both an iOS kik profile iPhone and iPod Touch or an Android mobile device.

If you have either already done this or know exactly what to do, you might as well skip over the next paragraph and go kik profile to the next section of this article. Of course, you must create a Kik profile first if you intend to ever use the Kik Messenger app.

But the reasons go beyond that. A Kik profile is how you will communicate who you are to all the other Kik Messenger users, and particularly to those of you who are already your friends or those who may be interested in becoming so through Kik Messenger. So, what is a Kik profile? At its most basic level, a Kik Messenger profile is your user name and your display name. This answer may not be too helpful on its own because it may just lead to yet another question.

Why would I need two different names? Or even, why would I need to different names to use the Kik Messenger app? Okay, so at this point we should probably talk a little bit about privacy. One of the things that sets the Kik Messenger app apart from some of the other instant messaging platforms around is the privacy it guarantees its users.

You see, other similar platforms require their users to display their real names or even, as is the case with the hugely popular app WhatsApp, require them not only to provide their telephone but also to share it with other users in order to be able to chat with them. The Kik Messenger app, however, is different because all it requires their users to share with one another is a unique user name of their choice. Your user name is what identifies you to other members. If someone wants to find you on Kik Messenger, they will have to know kik profile user name and search for it.

Your display name is what would then be shown on the screen of anyone chatting to you. There is, of course, no reason why your user name and your display name could not be exactly the same. As there is also no reason why they should be something completely different.

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This is all up to you. The only issue here is while your display name could be absolutely anything you choose, your user name has to be unique to you, so you would be limited, so to speak, to user names no one has picked out yet. The great thing about all of this is that you can protect your privacy and real identity behind any kik profile you choose. If you want your existing friends to find you on kik profile Kik Messenger app, you would have three different options:. Now that we have gone all the theory involved in a Kik Messenger profile, we can go through all the practical steps that are involved in actually creating one.

We will do that in the next section of this article. Of course, if once you have created your profile you feel you need to be reminded of some of the theory, you can read again this section. Once you have downloaded and installed the Kik Messenger app as we explained in the introduction to this article, you will need to follow these simple steps in order to set up your Kik profile.

This operation should not take you more than a few minutes at most. You would also have the option to enter a profile picture.

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You can use any picture that you like. Just to clarify the only information other Kik Messenger users will see would be your display and user names, and your profile picture. Your age and address will not be divulged as they are merely used to confirm your identity and set up your. If you have any questions about setting up a Kik Messengerleave us a message in the comments section below!

Kik profile

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How To Set Up A Kik Profile?