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As usual, I woke up with a stiff dick. Walking around the house I saw my stepmother still asleep in her bed, fully naked! I quietly entered the room and took my penis out. Standing above her I put my cock on her face, lightly slapped her lips and cheeks, letting her feel its scent and flavor.

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The tip of my cock was between her lips, and she opened her mouth in sleep. My stepmom moved a little bit in sleep and now the head of my cock was in her mouth. She might had been dreaming about huge cocks because she began licking mine with her tongue. When my stepmom finally opened her eyes, she was startled and began yelling at me. My stepmom had my shaft in her mouth in a couple of seconds while her naughty fingers rubbed her swollen clit.

I told her to keep playing with the button because I wanted to lexi naked her masturbate as I was busy ramming her tight slit missionary style. It felt amazing, forbidden, and hot, and her lexi naked was electric. I loved her tiny waist, long legs, and perfectly round natural boobs.

After we were done shagging and I finally emptied my balls. Later, she made some dinner when she received some shocking news from me. I was going to propose to my girlfriend and the MILF immediately wanted to show how much better she was in sucking my cock.

She sucked my pecker like a champ, kneeling on the kitchen tiles. She gave me the most thrilling sloppy blowjob in my life, smearing her spit all over my rod. I lay down on a sofa, and the MILF rode my dick with such force and passion it took my breath away. I kept staring at her big tits and watched her bite her lips, talking dirty to me, encouraging me to destroy her pussy with my thick rod. The slut became addicted to my juicy rod, fucking me every time we were alone, pleasuring my dicks with her mouth and narrow slit. The sexy therapist was in a room that resembled a bedroom too much to be called an office, but she still liked to call it her office.

She wanted all of her clients to feel relaxed. She was a sex therapist, after all. Her next client was her favorite, and he has been going to her for some time now. So she decided it was time for a different kind of therapy. She was on her office bed beside him, and she was taking the hands-on approach.

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She started with foreplay, and in seconds he had his hands on her juicy tits. The breakup with his girlfriend was caused by his inability to make her cum, so she had to give him a lesson on how to please a woman, how to caress her breast and fondle her pussy. The MILF had to teach him the basics, and she started with a sloppy blowjob and a titjob.

She had her tongue out as he pounded her beautiful tits, so she could meet his tip every time.

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Then the naked woman had him on her knees, and she had her legs up in the air. He needed to learn how to eat a girl out after all. He took his tongue and grazed it over her slit. The sex therapist told him how and where to lick her, when to suck on her clit and when to insert his lexi naked into her juicy cunt.

He needed to learn how to make a woman want to rip his clothes off and ride his dick! When she was wet enough, she let him push his big cock inside her. His dick stretched out her cunt so good. It was time to show him all the positions. The beautiful naked woman with amazing big tits rode him, literally bouncing up and down on his cock, showing him that a woman can be in charge. He used his fingers and tongue on her breasts, nipples, pussy, even in the asshole. He finally made her cum, and then he came in her mouth. My old man sure knows how to choose a whore.

His new wife is a stunning brunette that loves to walk around the house in her lingerie. Ever since I met her, I have had wild dreams about her jumping on my cock. One morning, as I was getting ready for school, I found her in the kitchen cooking my breakfast. She was so hot and I sat down to look at her naked ass. All she had on were her panties and a bra with her hooters almost falling out of it.

My dick was getting harder in my pants, so I took it out to stroke it a little as my eyes were set on her gorgeous body. I invited her closer and she took my tool with her hands and gave it a nice little stroke. I needed it in her mouth, so she put the whole load in it and began sucking it. It was clear that she was a dirty little cocksucker. I was enjoying lexi naked blowjob as my cock was getting even harder. Mom was on her knees as I fed her with my jizz after she did me like a true slut.

I wanted more of it. She was talking and I only wanted to shut her with a cock in her mouth. As daddy was not around, the MILF felt free to help me get my lexi naked. She took off her pants and revealed her fine ass. The bitch was horny as hell and she immediately sat on my cock and started her ride. This lady was unbelievable. Every time we were alone, she would just open her legs and invite me deep into her mature cunt. It was dripping and shaved all the time and I was going around horny all day, waiting for this wild ride. We fucked in every corner of the house and I loved it when she would just appear naked and sit on top of me.

Mature women sure know how to ride cock! My dick would always treat her with heavy rains of jizz all over her. The last time I fucked her on the couch, she got me so horny and after banging that bitch, I let all the juice down her throat. A gorgeous MILF lives with her new husband and his son. She looks absolutely fantastic, with her magnificent body, a pretty face, and stunning tits.

She never manages to make something nice for dinner. After she burned the food to a crisp, her husband sends his son to the kitchen to help her. She was making food wearing nothing but white heels and a lexi naked dress.

She got really horny in a second. She turned around and kneeled in front of him. She unbuttoned his pants, took out his dick, and started sucking it. All this time her husband kept reading the newspaper without knowing what was going on. When a horny mommy made his cock nice and hard, she turned her back towards him again and stood up so that he could fuck her. He banged her from behind and squeezed her beautiful big tits at the same time.

He then took her arms and pulled them behind her back to make her feel more submissive. They both took off all lexi naked their clothes, and she kept on only her white heels. He continued banging her from behind while she leaned forward on the sink. Her cunt was so wet and perfectly shaved. She wanted to ride his cock with that pussy, so he lay on the floor, and she sat right onto his dick. She rode the cock naked lexi naked high heels while her gorgeous tits were bouncing up and down.

Her whole body was shaking and twitching in orgasm. After having her cock ride, the beautiful naked woman kneeled in front of him again and gave him another blowjob. His stepmom put his big dick in her throat and gagged on it. She was losing her breath, and she spat the drivel all over her chin and tits. She licked his ballsack and let him lick her cunt before he finally decided to cum on her face. She waited for the cum with her mouth open and tongue out. One time, while 32 year old, married slut was in the kitchen, washing the dishes her husband was watching the game with his friends.

At one point, one of the guys sneaked out of the living room and got into the kitchen. He approached the MILF from behind, lifting her skirt and sticking the finger rigth in her cunt! She got scared that her husband might see them, but he assured her that he is deep into watching the game and that no one will come to the kitchen.

He pulled up her skirt, pulled down her thongs, and stuck his hard dick into her wet pussy. He started banging her in a standing position from behind, simultaneously pulling down her tank top.

Lexi naked

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