How to delete a group chat on kik

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Kik is one of the best ways to chat with friends and other people without having to give out your personal information. Kik is great, but what if you want to delete some of your information on Kik? What if you want to delete some of your Kik messages for privacy concerns and other reasons?

What do you do? Kik messages are simply another way of referring to the instant messages that you can send on Kik for free. You can send pictures and text messages and other content on Kik to your Kik friends and can even browse the built-in browser from within a conversation.

Kik messages are organized into conversations, like thre. You can have a Kik chat with one person or you can engage in a Kik chat with a group of people, like a group chat. When you send a message and someone responds, it becomes a Kik conversation or Kik chat. Kik chats are another way of saying the conversation you have with your Kik friends apart from singular messages.

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A group of messages sent back and forth becomes a Kik chat. You can engage in a Kik chat with one person, or with a group of your Kik friends. Kik messages and chats seem greatright? Why would anyone want to delete them?

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Well, there are many reasons why someone might want to delete their Kik messages. One is that you might want to protect sensitive information.

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Well, you may not want that picture sitting there in Kik world longer than necessary, so you may want to delete the Kik chat. Also, you may just not want evidence of your Kik chat on your app or phone, just in case someone gets a hold of your phone. However, you can delete Kik chats and conversations for both individuals and for groups.

On most phones iPhone, Android, Windows, and similarselect the conversation you want to delete then swipe to delete the conversation iPhone. This is a big question that is completely valid.

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Just talk to the person who you were chatting with and see if they still have the Kik messages. This is also a good reason to not send private content or information on Kik because even though you delete them from your device, there is no guarantee that those recipients will also delete them. When you download an Android emulator like BlueStacks, Genymotion, or Andyroid, all it does it create a virtual version of your mobile device screen on your desktop or laptop.

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So, if you delete Kik messages and chats using the BlackBerry method, for instance, you would delete them on Kik for PC the same way. It all depends on your mobile device. These are ways to delete Kik messages and chats on your app and on Kik for PC. If you need it again, you can hope that your chat friends still have it on their phones.

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If you have any more questions or suggestions, leave a comment below! I send a wrong picture to a friend and I want to delete it. I sent a wrong picture too, I deleted it bt I want it gone on the other persons phone too without her knowing…how can I do dat, pls help me.

How to delete a group chat on kik

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How to Delete Kik Messages & Chats