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Cuckolds Forum. My wife lately has been taking the teasing to the extreme. Shes always been pretty good at denial when shes seeing a lover long term. The periods between lovers we have a pretty normal sex life. I know that orgasm denial isnt for everyone but it works for us. She loves the idea of having lots of hot kinky sex with with another man or men while Im sitting home, usually with the kids, all horny and frustrated.

And she said she likes how easy I am to manipulate when Im in a constant state of arousal. She knows ill do anything she asks. The denial part I have gotten used to over time. I dont even need to be locked in my cage I can go long periods without cumming even being as horny and frustrated as I am with just willpower. But lately teasing and denial forum has been teasing the hell out of me almost constantly.

Her newest thing is making me edge myself. She likes watching men masturbate, its a big turn on for her. And she likes playing a game where she will say Or my mouth like I let Sean do every day? I might let you if you can stroke yourself 50 times without Cumming. And when I fail she will laugh and say something like "I wasnt going to let you anyways. This is Sean's ass n pussy Are your balls getting sore from 3 months of no release?

She was also looking at cuckold caption pictures online. I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her while she looked at them and she said "NO! Plus I didnt fuck my boyfriend today. Your only allowed to eat my pussy when it stinks like sex. Thought you would of figured that out since thats the only time you have eaten it in the past few months. Plus Im going to his house before work and I want it fresh and clean for him. She said. Maybe in April when Sean moves or maybe not.

Depends on if I have another lover lined up at that time. Ive actually been considering buying you a new cock cage so I don't have to worry about you jacking off while Im out. The ONLY reason I don't make you wear the one you got is because its to small and I don't want to hear you cry about it all the time.

I think its time I lock you up indefinitely. I think its because I sent her some captioned cuckold photos I found online a while back and she really liked them. She asked where I found them and I told her and shes been looking at them a lot lately. She doesn't know a whole lot about cuckolding other than sleeping with other men while I stay faithful to her. And a few of the things I have told her about it but other than that.

Theres literally 10s of thousands of those pictures online depicting every act of cuckoldry imaginable and she has been really captivated by it lately. She even sent me a text today asking. I think Ive opened a can of worms but It has been interesting to say the least. God I love her. Hi, again, Nemi! Denial is something that Teasing and denial forum and I long ago talked about and dropped as an idea.

She wanted NO part of giving up sex with me, and that was a few years ago. And I found the experience of her being unavailable to me rather…intriguing. For short time, when she and Doug really started down the BDSM path, we did try to arrange it so that Doug fucked her more in any given week than I did.

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I hope things work out the way you want. If she expects you to respect her boundaries, the opposite better be true. Take care, Eric. MidAtlanticFunMar 1, Eric, I agree! I want no part of giving up sex with Jeff. And if it was something Jeff wanted I would try it for a short timemaybe 24 hours or something. I also think your reminder of "NO" is so very important.

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This is a fetish deed for a couple, and both people in the couple need respect. DeannaHoustonMar 6, I like being denied. It suits my submissive nature. I know I'm not good in bed. I used to be very self conscious about my small size. But being a cuckold frees me of that. Now instead of worrying that I'm not sexually pleasing my wife, I know I'm pleasing her by doing everything I can for her and her boyfriend. Clucky hubbyMar 7, I am almost ashamed to admit it but "temporary" denial is very much a turn on. Also the "edging" is just so incredible hot and frustrating. One of my wife's favorite is to let me clean her pussy after her bull has left and then she will just touch me a few seconds with her hand, knowing I am about to cum and she will say something like "you know honey, I am just so tired, we'll just wait until tomorrow morning.

I am then so horny I will do about anything and sometimes she will give me hand release right teasing and denial forum and other times she will make me wait even longer. She has confessed to me that she sometimes feels really cruel doing this but she can see how much it turns me on and she says when I am edged, I am a LOT more co-operative and attentive!

To anyone that isn't a cuck, I can see how this phenomenon teasing and denial forum seems so weird but it is just so incredibly exciting and erotic to us cucks! As a submissive cuck, i love orgasm control but not orgasm denial for extended periods. Wife and Bull tly control when, where, and how i cum. For me it needs to be at least a couple times a week and they understand that.

Our Bull cums inside my wife twice to three times before they have me cum anywhere, and i find that hot. They did keep me locked up and make me go over a week one time as punishment for ogling our Bull's live-in girlfriend the first time i saw her. She's very submissive to him and gorgeous. The next time he came he ordered me to kneel in front of him and i expected he was going to have me fluff him. Instead he sternly reprimanded me in front of my wife and then sent me to sit in the corner making me feel so humiliated.

He didn't let me in that day, so i sat on the floor in the corner watching him fuck my wife. The whole time i was so excited thinking that he gets my thanks for fucking my wife in ways i never can but if i so much as look at his girlfriend wrong i'm in trouble. Last edited: Mar 7, We've tried playing with denial a few times.

I have to be in one of my submissive moods to agree to it, and we need the right guy involved who understands the game. There was the guy who owned a gym we belonged to - L was attracted to him, was fucking him anyway, and he seemed like a perfect Bull, so I agreed that he could "own" L for a month, and of course part of that was his forbidding L to have sex with me.

After the gym closed he'd fuck L in the locker room, sometimes letting me watch, and sometimes making me stand outside in the gym area where I could only hear his grunting and L's moaning. L would tease me mercilessly later at home, telling me what a great fuck he was, behind the closed French doors of our master bathroom while she took long, hot baths.

I wasn't allowed to see her naked, or even watch her undress, which L played strictly by the rules. She got into that in a short amount of time, relishing the opportunity to tease me in a new, more extreme way. I'd peek through the crack between the doors and spy on her, trying to get a look, and she'd always know somehow.

Then she'd warn me not to play with myself as she masturbated in the tub, smiling as though she knew I was watching and that it would just make it worse for me. It was torture, but a good kind of torture, for a while. After a month we were both ready to quit. I was a nervous wreck and desperate to fuck her although I did cheat and masturbate when I could. By the end of the month he began to confuse sexual role playing with being an asshole. L put him in his place on the last day, then fucked me like a demon.

Sucked for him, great for me. L's favorite longtime lover is best at it, probably the only one we'd trust anymore. He "owned" her for a while, long-distance chatting with her on the phone while she masturbated and I was only allowed to watch. He'd talk to me for a while as well, telling me what a slut she was for him, and reminding me not to touch her body, except when she told me to. After some private coaching from him, L would have me pull down her jeans and eat her at the most unexpected times, during the day on weekends and at night before bed during the week.

She's had a secret fetish for years about getting caught having sex. Often I'd be on my knees in the middle of our back yard on a Saturday afternoon, her shorts and panties around her ankles, my face buried in her pussy as she tugged at my hair to lick faster. But she always thanked me after she came, with her trademark grin, as I dressed her and suffered with a hardon that just refused to go away.

Teasing and denial forum set goals for her - how many men she had to fuck per week, and that they all had to be different guys. For the first time in her life she spent time in the lounge of a restaurant picking up men to meet her quota.

As proof, she had to bring the used condoms home and keep them in a bowl by my side of the bed. Watching the semen accumulate over the weeks we played, trying to imagine all the men she fucked, then trying to rationalize the growing pile of bulbous latex by telling myself she must be filling them with fake cum or having some guy she knew splooge in all of them them she wasn'tjust made the torture deliciously worse. But the most insidious act was narrated by him over the phone as we both listened.

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L lay at the foot of our bed with her legs over the edge. I was told to enter her as deeply as I could, then not to move. Then I was told to play with her body, massaging her belly and breasts, and finally working her clit to orgasm with my fingers.

She loved that, making me do all the work, then coming while having a hard cock inside her. I had to pull out after she came and let my dick deflate on its own without an orgasm. She used to say it was like having her own personal boy-toy, even better than a vibrator, and she could use me any time, as many times as she wanted, as long as I didn't come, which wasn't always the case.

Teasing and denial forum

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Tease and denial