Random snapchat friends

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A social networking application is as only good as its user base, especially when it comes to engagement and activity.

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You could have one of the best deed apps in the world, but if people aren't spending a good chunk of time on it and posting content, then it's really not going to pop off. Naturally growing "friend" groups of individual users is a good way to promote that growth, so is that why so many random people have been adding you on Snapchat recently? If you've been using Snapchat recently, then you may have noticed a large of people who probably shouldn't have access to your phone or username are sending you friend requests.

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Snapchat has this feature where it determines which friends you have added, and they will show possible mutual friends you have. People that see you on Quick Add may add you if they know you. One of the most puzzling errors multiple Snapchat users have complained about is the disappearance of Snapstreaks between friends.

Thankfully, the app's development team handles those queries quite often and has a dedicated form to assist folks in getting their Snapstreak reinstated. You can learn more about Snapstreak support by clicking here.

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Unfortunately, that's not possible. Once you create your Snapchat username, that's going to be the handle that you use on the application. But what if you were in high school and had an unhealthy obsession with 5 Seconds of Summer and your username reflects that? Well, you'll either have to delete it or create a new from a new address or phone. If you really don't want to use your Snapchat or want to get rid of that OG username, you can follow the full instructions on Snapchat's support here. Note: You do have 30 days to reverse your decision should you want to re the application and keep all of your information intact.

If you delete your and those 30 days expire, then so does your info, so maybe set an alarm on your phone at 29 days in case you're on the fence about really random snapchat friends ways with the app.

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That's a fairly straightforward process: Launch Snapchat. Make sure you're logged in, duh. Then tap the Settings cog in the upper right-hand corner of your profile .

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Scroll down to "Who Can Or you could just honor your past and embrace the fact that you were a 5SOS die hard. I would do anything to change my Snapchat username — autumn hayenga AutumnHayenga July 11,

Random snapchat friends

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