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It went something like this: "Hey, writers and others—you know who you are—stop girls dtf female characters named Fatima in a hijab. It racked up so many replies that Fatima took the conversation offline with some of the respondents. Fatima has experienced the frustration regarding the singularity of Muslim characters firsthand. She told us she's auditioned for and read scripts for at least 10 roles that traffic in Muslim stereotypes in the past year: "She wears a hijab, she takes it off… I feel like the image of the Muslim woman is always battered, abused.

It's the same story. Fatima's agent sent it to her, but Fatima realized immediately it was problematic, because, she explained, the role called for someone from Sudan, and she says: "Sudanese people are black. I am not black. I'm brown, very much not black. However, Fatima went on the audition anyway she says it was conducted by girls dtf room full of white menand she booked the job.

She had her doubts about doing it, though, and talked to her agent and other people on the crew with whom she'd worked before. The people in wardrobe told her that they brought up the issue to the producers, but that the producers didn't see it as a problem. And her agent told Fatima: "Don't worry about it. Just go in and do it.

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We can't be so precious, because you've got to build your right now. That's just where you are. It was a lesson learned, she says and one she hopes she doesn't have to go through anymore. Manzoor, and more, all with different upbringings and perspectives.

The topics they cover range from fasting and not eating pork to body hair and dating—for the most part, "things everybody can relate to," Fatima says.

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And there's only so much you can joke about that, because it's a very serious problem right now. As for the name of the series, Fatima tells us that it came from a brainstorm between her and the group of ladies that appear in the clips. Muslim Women Talk Back? That's kind girls dtf the point.

Why aren't more of us talking about this? So we wanted to create something for ourselves. In doing so, maybe people will stop thinking of Muslim women as anything other than regular women, adds Fatima. You know, that Muslim women are a part of the American fabric.

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Taylor Bryant.

Girls dtf

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