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Looners pop. The balloon fetish phenomenon is floating your way. Some people prefer whips and chains, others prefer balloons. A fetish can include sexual arousal from traditionally non-sexual objects or body parts, like feet and stuffed animals. A sexual fetish is defined as a sexual attraction to an object that plays a big role in his or her sexuality.

Virtually everyone has a fetish of some kind whether it is feet, latex, lacquer, or leather. Then there are the more bizarre which include furries, armpits, and balloons. Furries make for an innocent way to break into the fetish game. With any fetish, there is range of acceptance as well as misunderstanding of a kink. Hence the need for safe words so things don't get out of control for the BDSM crowd. For some men and women that have a balloon fetish, they like nothing better than to spend their balloon fetish looner watching their sex partner blowing up, over-inflating, and bursting colorful balloons.

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Others enjoy just being surrounded by the latex balls. Some ballons are actually blown up to resemble sex organs and used as proxy.

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Some of the pleasure is more general in nature, but looners actually get sexually excited from balloon behavior. A fetish is typically caused by an early interest, or in some cases, a fear of an object that would later develop into a sexual attraction. According to studies, a vast majority of looners express a sexual interest in balloons before the age of Whether this stems from either an attraction or a hatred for balloons, the fact is, that these children always had the feeling that balloons are special.

We learn about the world through the senses, and balloons have much to offer all our senses. For example, in an episode of Strange Sex on TLC, a man named Christopher admits that he remembers coming home from school and pleasuring himself with a balloon as. That eventually developed into his erotic love for balloons and he hopes to share that appreciation and attraction with a woman.

Fetishes may initially find their origin in a persons early teenage years. Latex, similar to the Rubberist fetish, is generally characterized by the skin-like feel associated with the texture that one might remember from childhood. This feeling also might be comparable to the feeling of a pair of breasts later in life. Yet, the early fascination of an object may have a major impact later in life. Balloon fetish looner Hess is one of the most tactile and intuitive contemporary artists experimenting with textiles for their visceral impact.

While studying his craft at the De Academy Eindhoven, he presented A Hunt for High Tech, accompanied with the evocative short film that visualized the incredible concepts behind his masterpieces. The attraction to balloons can range from the erotic to more sensual. On National Geographic Channel, an episode of Taboo features a man named Dave admits to having a purely platonic relationship with many balloons. He thinks of balloons as his family and has fathered over 65, of them.

Each night, Dave chooses a balloon and tucks it under his shirt and sleeps with it. Just as there is range of intensity that people feel towards the balloons, there are also different positions within the fetish according to what you enjoy. Someone who is a popper likes popping balloons and the anxiety leading up to it while non-poppers do not enjoy the popping, but are more excited by the look and feel of the balloons.

They play with balloons with the intent to pop them. Yet, there are some poppers that have a fear of balloons popping, but they find it arousing so they do it anyway. A non popper would probably prefer to play with balloons in ways that do not involve popping the balloon. However, poppers, non poppers, and semi poppers all have one thing in common. They see balloons as something exciting and special. Our brains are deed to remember positive experiences more so than negative once.

That means the brain will make a connection between the pleasant experience, which in some cases is sexual satisfaction, and the object that was used to achieve the pleasurable feeling which in this case is a balloon. Bubblegum balloon fetish looner tend to like watching people produce balloons with bubblegum or producing balloons themselves. As with balloon looning, Bubblegum Looning can be used in sexual activities to enhance sexual performances.

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A of looners also enjoy other variations, such as rubber glove balloons, beach balls, inflatable PVC plastic toys, and inflating bin liners or garbage bags. Looning, like many other fetishes, is misunderstood. People associate many fetishes balloon fetish looner taboos, practiced by weirdos and the disturbed when in fact, your elderly neighbor next door could be a looner and the CEO at the company where you work can be a Furry.

But with access to the internet, many people are becoming more educated about fetishes, which will hopefully lead balloon fetish looner a greater understanding and acceptance in the future. But ultimately, many people have a certain kink that excites them. It can be as simple as light spanking or as extreme as Furries and intense bondage. The kink often manifests itself in sexuality and artistic expression. Photo by Lucy and Bart. They create an imaginary and transformed physical body.

Using inflated balloons and rubber materials their work is breathtaking in its technical beauty and underlying message. The often shocking realism of their work leaves one with conflicting emotions. By stripping the silhouette of its human emotions or expressions, the bubbled balloons are both fascinating and off putting at the same time.

Some are women, some are men, some are straight, some are gay. All are Filthy. Every woman deserves a Titty Tote. Something she can throw a few things into and head out to the beach. A bag for the every day chores of today's modern, on the go girl.

She will carry a statement of strong feminine values and positive body image. Go get your girl a Titty Tote today. A dancer, model, and child actor who had guest starred on Silver Spoons along side fellow child actor Ricky Schroder, Berkley had just turned eighteen when she landed the role of Jessie Spano on the 90s teen hit Saved By the Bell. She was one of the first contemporary teen actresses to transform into a sex symbol on network television.

Saved by the Bell first aired in Six years later, her sexualization was completed with the starring role in the cult classic Showgirls, by renowned director Paul Verhoven. us balloon fetish looner answer the immortal question of whether or not these girls have butt plugs or not. A butt plug is a sex toy that is deed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. In some ways, they are similar to a dildo, but they tend to be shorter, and have a flanged end to prevent the device from being lost inside the rectum. Grindhouse is a return to the world of the real.

Do it, do it! Hell no. These theaters have taken shut-down burlesque halls and transformed them into grindhouse arenas that air exploitation films. Ink was once forbidden by parents of the middle and upper class, across a country deeply divided by wealth and politics. As a generation has turned over since the more conservative later 20th century, there is renewed interest in self assertion, self actualization and self expression. An era of tattoo models, once allocated to a small sub niche culture has gained ificant momentum since the turn of the century.

The hottest models have evolved into commercial brands and hot hosts of tattoo culture. The millennials were born to parents who were once denied the privilege of ink. They turn a blind eye and live vicariously through a generation more tatted than any that came before them. Women were once second class citizens in the tattoo community. As much as the century did for women's political rights, and equality in the work force, the 21st century is responsible for equality in the tattoo parlors and biker clubs.

Todays women where their tattoos proudly, baring public messages on private parts. What about it? It's freaking amazing! When it's done right, of course. But either way, it's a gateway to so much. It's like initial sex is the gateway drug to finding out about oral sex, BDSM etc.

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Anything you can imagine, it's more than likely something you can find in sex. Let's discuss some of my personal things that I want to have happen in my sex life and what I've already had a taste of in the past. People associate many fetishes as taboos, practiced by weirdos and the disturbed when in fact, your elderly neighbor next door could be a looner and the CEO at the company where you work can be a furry.

It can be as simple as light spanking or as extreme as furries and intense bondage. Filthy Staff. Read next: A Night at the Theatre. Titty Tote Time. Showgirls' Elizabeth Berkley. Frank White. Butt Plug or No Butt Plug? Sexploitation in Grindhouse Theaters. Hottest Tattoo Models.

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