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Total 0 votes. Zac Knight's head was throbbing; a hangover, first class.

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Slowly, gently he rolled onto his back. He waited while the spinning stopped.

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His tongue licked dry lips. His mind refused to work, so he shut his eyes tight to try to doze off. He could vaguely recall last night; party, Halloween party. Fragments of recollection, some gorgeous blonde, arrogant bitch, bit of an argument over College life as I thought in the beginning was supposed to be fun. And for a while, it was. I met Chris in a sociology class, a fiery redhead that had a bit of a temperament to go along with it, that When I was 25, I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment in a rather large apartment complex with 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units.

I had moved there after breaking up with a long-time girlfriend, and was enjoying being a single, independent adult for the first time in my life. One Saturday night, I had decided to stay at home, mainly because I had just paid the rent, and my cash flow situation was not very good at the time.

When a couple of mates found out that I was taking Sally out I was rather startled at their reactions. There was some sniggering and when I asked what the problem was they just laughed and said I'd find out. I pressed a couple of my closer non consent erotica for more details regarding Sally, because I knew a couple of them had dated her. I mean, as far as I could tell she was a nice normal girl. Where was the catch? Marty and Julie had been married for 5 years, and Marty was struggling to come up with a great gift for his wife.

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He had looked at jewelry, sexy lingerie, and dozens of other ideas. Nothing seemed to be exactly what he was looking for, until one day the perfect suggestion crossed his path. His hand pushed down against my spine, holding me flat to the mattress. As I turned my head to look round at him he thrust downwards, pressing me deeper into the springs. My heart thudded heavily.

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For a moment I was so intently aware of the air against my exposed skin, the shock of cool hitting wet that I shivered. It drew a groan from him. A low and desperate sound. Sarah hadn't noticed Tony before, any more than she noticed the ten other people who worked under her, anyway.

He was typical of the young men who came to Pine River Foods, tired of flipping burgers for minimum wage, but with no college education to get a "real" job - basically the same reason she was still there after nine years. The pay was better than minimum, the benefits were good, and there was little or no knowledge or skill requirements to be hired. She entered the stairwell and launched herself at the stairs, taking them two at time. She reached her apartment in no time, and was soon inside her place, locking the door behind her.

Non consent erotica shed her clothing as she moved through the apartment, freeing her long, dark hair. She shook her head back and forth gently, causing the ends to caress the soft skin at the small of her back. She shivered slightly, nipples hardening, and made her way to the phone. She dialed her best friend's and started to sing as it was answered. My name is Cindy and I've just turned eighteen last week.

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To begin with, my family is filthy rich. My father was usually away for extended periods; my mother preferred to circulate with her upper class, prissy acquaintances than to spend time with her children. Don, my elder brother, and I were therefore closer to our nanny than our own parents. Non consent erotica we were in our early teens the nanny was sacked and we were left to our own resources. They had arranged the appointment a week ago. It was to be a perfectly innocent and professional eight-o'clock breakfast meeting, a chance for two of the firm's newest lawyers to get to know each other a little better before spending all day Saturday in a dreary seminar on intellectual property rights That's what they had told themselves all week, each of them trying to fend off that nag of a conscience that kept warning them that this was something more, something more dangerous.

Non consent erotica

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