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I can't say that I have ever experimented with gelatin eggs with this toy just yet! But I did purchase some silicone eggs from splorch review beast that I now use almost every time I am in the mood to have a little fun with the Splorch! Frisky Beast's silicone eggs with retrieval cords are fantastic, I highly recommend them! I posted unboxing pictures of this gorgeous toy the other day, and now that I have had a chance to try him out for myself, I can finally review him.

Lets just start this off by saying this has to be one of the most unusual toys that I own. I am very much so into alien fetishes, egg laying included. Just another one of my weird fetishes that I love to embrace and nourish. Aliens have always been close to my heart, and closer to my nether regions.

I have a soft spot for a good alien toy. While roaming around the inter webs, I stumbled across a small company called Primal Hardwere. They are another company dealing in the realms of fantasy toys. They have a few lovely looking were-able toys that I know Splorch review will have my hands on sooner or later, and then, they have the Splorch …an ovipositor dildo! The heavens opened up and sang, and I couldn't click that buy now button fast enough!! There is quite literally nothing like this anywhere else. So for those of you who are into alien play, I think you need to invite this baby to come home with you.

Who knows maybe you could have an EGGcellent night!

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Bad pun, but great toy, promise. The Splorch is a dildo that can have silicone, gelatin, or ice eggs inserted into it so it can "deposit" them wherever you like. Jello has sugar and that is a huge no no for your Vag. Can you say yeast infection? If you use Jello, that is the road you are headed down. Eggs are inserted into the bottom through an opening, and can be squeezed up the shaft, and out through the top. Sounds intriguing, yes? Shipping was quick and easy. I ordered my Splorch and it was in my hands in less than two weeks! Talk about quick for a custom toy! Lets give a round of applause to Primal Hardwere!

My Splorch came shipped in a discreet brown box, and was packed neatly inside within a plastic package. Splorch review Splorch comes with a free egg mold and several nifty little business cards which was pretty sweet!

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Not as personal as Exotic Erotic's packaging but still good. Thats not the important part anyway! I ordered my Splorch with these custom options:. Size: One size, here are the dimensions. The Splorch is pretty girthy so getting all of it into my mouth to deep throat was a challenge since I have a very small mouth. But the filling sensation of it choking me was amazing!

Then I could not help but to wonder…what if I made ice eggs? And…laid them in my mouth!? So I did just that. I popped the egg maker i received with my Splorch into the freezer and waited a few hours. Once mostly frozen I went to work. I decided the best place for play with this toy is by far the tub. This is not a toy that I would want to play with on my fine leather couch, no thanks! So this was to be my first test with inserting the eggs.

I was a little worried about this aspect of the toy. Before ordering a toy I normally try and read up on it. Unfortunately with the Splorch there are not to many reviews! The two or three I did find complained that the eggs were hard to insert therefore defeating the purpose of the toy. The insertion hole at the bottom was simply too small to fit an egg easily. This seriously worried me. And yet another review told the toy was too girthy for them so they had no review on actual insertion or the egg laying while inside one's body.

This also worried me. But me being splorch review, I figured I needed to know for myself. After some research on the reviews, all of which were pretty old, I am happy to report that Primal Hardwere has resolved the problem of the insertion hole for the eggs being too small. Before it was about the size of a penny, now it is bigger than a quarter.

So once I had my fill of egg launching Splorch review was ready for this alien to use me for it's willing host. I lubed the Splorch up, and attempted to insert him without eggs first, just to get a feel for him. Though the Splorch review is made of very flimsy silicone, he is surprisingly pretty easy to insert. You do have to hold onto his base firmly to get him inside since he is very floppy there, but thats no big hurtle to get over. The Splorch's prongs give a very interesting sensation once inserted.

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They feel nice and flexible within me and when thrusting they move separately and press against different places which is a very nice detail. Though he is a girthy thing, I prefer larger toys so this was no big thing for me. So then I decided to insert some eggs. I started off with just one to get a feel for it. I reinserted the Splorch and slowly sank down upon him until i had taken about half his length, I didn't want to take too much of him so I could still have room for an egg.

I slowly squeezed the egg up his shaft, but a warning for those who are not girth seekers, when inserting a chicken sized egg, the Splorch's size grow tremendously! This may be a problem for those who cannot take large girths.

With eggs inserted I measured him at about a 2. But never fear, if you are using ice eggs, simply let them melt down to a smaller size and then its much easier splorch review handle. But what a sight to behold! The alien's shaft growing, its bulge getting closer and closer to my body, ready to lay its offspring in my willing body.

I bit my lip in anticipation. I slowly pulled the Splorch out little by little, forcing the egg to squeeze up gradually until the splorch review egg slowly slid up out of the Splorch and lodged within me. When inserted the Splorch no longer launches eggs, it simply gently lays them within you with a small pop.

Initially all I could think was "oh lord that is cold! They are very very cold, obviously. But the intense feeling of the cold within me had me writhing in pleasure, that thin line between pleasure and pain from the biting, numbing chill. I clenched my muscles to keep the egg within my body, I wanted to feel it melt within me.

I could only imagine a great alien leader smiling down at her little pet human, her egg successfully laid within splorch review body. The chill of her offspring flowing through my body. As I held the egg inside of me, I inserted a second egg into the Splorch and proceeded to play with its egg laying qualities as I relished in the cold feeling of the egg still inside me. I could feel the cold water leaking from me as the egg began to melt, it was glorious! I then laid back and rubbed the shaft and pincers against the outside of my vagina and my clit. Within minutes of my alien queen pleasuring me I came to dripping, wet orgasm.

Splorch review

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You can get sex toys that lay alien eggs inside you so obviously we tried it