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This can be done alongside your private contracting with an established camgirl site or on your own exclusively. You will have to do all the legwork and find your own traffic. Before setting off on your own, you should give yourself ample opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade as well as common customer deceptions. You should be well versed in promoting yourself and already have a handful of devoted regulars who will follow you anywhere. Most third party camgirl sites prohibit you from advertising any services you provide outside of their website. This includes your social networking handles even though they are thrilled when you use those shunned outlets to advertise their site and what work you do for them.

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Seasoned customers know to do an internet search for your model name to track down your Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress or personal website. These should alert them to the fact you do Skype shows.

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Most members are abhorred to find out how little a model receives of the money they fork over and appreciate the opportunity to give it ALL to you. Unfortunately, getting paid is the hardest part about being an independent internet model.

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There are few options out there for anonymous payment. Also, many major commerce companies like Paypal and banks refuse to do business with sex workers due to the unjust stigma that permeates nearly every culture but that is a topic for another time.

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From there, GiftRocket. These can also be sent to an address for your discreet deposit. But they can only be used to purchase items on Amazon. Please feel free to mention in the comments any other lawful and anonymous means of exchanging money on the internet that sex workers can use to receive payment.

The way around ALL of them is to ensure the payment has gone through and is viable before the session. They will try though… beg you to let them pay half at first and the rest after? Sends you a screenshot of a receipt for an Amazon giftcard they supposedly just purchased?

Yes, the third party sites magically bring you traffic, handle your transactions, assist with promotion. They do this for a very ificant cut of your pay. Attend courses, read relevant books and tinker with advertising platforms on your own.

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It may be time consuming and cost money, but if you retain and utilize what you learn it will end up saving you money in the long run. There are many different ways to do this. It all depends on how you operate. Happy Skyping! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and perhaps some other tips and tricks for the aspiring cam girl mercenary.

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You can sell cam shows, content, get tips, anything you want. Please use me as your referral if you up. I love it. I use deliverycode wishlist cash vouchers for payment. I also have regular clients who sometimes like to offline tip with this feature. And there is an option for it to automatically tweet my wishlist name on my twitter when someone does so. The only issue I have is finding out who sent the payment sometimes because all I see is their — so I make clear where I advertise my wishlist that people can or instagram DM me proof of purchase screen cap or forward from deliverycode.

The money usually hits my within two days. And I can add items from other areas of the internet to my wishlist. Great tip! SkyPrivate and Paxum are two other payment options worth mentioning. Fabulous info, Webcam Startup, and thank you for sharing!

It becomes essential to expand your knowledge of business in setting out as an independent cam girl which can comport to other professions as well. Thanks again for sharing the other payment options you are aware of. I hope we can help to arm independent camgirls with a slew of ways to be successful and come to rely even less on the third party pimps.

Arcana 5 years ago 5 min read. Being an independent camgirl is not for everyone. I recommend at least one year of camming experience on third party sites. TIP 1 Establish your unique model name from day one and scream it across the Internet. This will be essential to obtaining skype cam model.

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It all begins with your unique name. Amazon gift cards via Amazon. Simple as that. TIP 3 Use this as an opportunity to learn more about business, advertising, and marketing yourself. Like this: Like Loading Tags: independent skype. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. More Stories Tips. How to become a Male webcammer in a female dominated industry. Thirteen reasons why………………….

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Skype cam model

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