Pony confessions

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By EsmeshyFebruary 19, in Sugarcube Corner. Hello everypony! Are you secretly a massive fan of gore fics? Do you have any supposedly embarrassing pony merchandise? How about secret ships? It can be anything you want, as long as it's a confession or a secret.

Remember, it's just people's opinion but you can debate in calm manner if it comes to it! Get confessing! Steel Accord 88 posts. KokuraiNoSenshi 79 posts. Pinkamena-Pills 75 posts. February 19, Let's see Disappointment ensued. It's obviously not a secret, as most people here have the same interest, but I want to escape reality and live in Equestria. May 7, Okay, I guess it's about time I confessed this I sometimes fantasize about making out with Rainbow Dash. You could probably guess that I really don't have anything to say, and yes I am serious, I really don't have a secrete.

It's pony confessions much of a secret to some of the users on here, but yep. I do like gore fics, when their decently written like Rainbow Factory. Unless being a fan of shipping counts My own confession: I don't want a Derpy or Doctor Whooves episode.

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I like them, but only as background characters. I really don't like Trixie. I know there are fan clubs for her. But I personally expect that pony is in jail, or posing in a Canterlot garden somewhere if you know what I mean. I agree, I hated Trixie with a passion, I don't see how anypony could like her, I mean compared to her Rainbow Dash is the element of kindness. My secret is, that while I really like Fluttershy, I'm not crazy D'aww over her like every pony confessions, I mean she's cute, but that's not the reason I like her so much, it's more because of her kindness.

I enjoy shipfics, though, I will ship characters in just about in any one of my favorite shows or video games, and such. Kim Possible and Shego My all time favorite shipping! Everypony loves shipping. I also quite enjoy gorefics sometimes and shipping, although most the time shipping fanfics end up as clopfics. I kinda enjoy those too, although I don't clop, never have, and never intend to.

I also really love ship pics and humanized ponies, but I'm not really into that anthropomorphism. I kinda enjoy those too.

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I dont like clopfics or anything of that nature, the most I will stand is light shipping, mainly because most of the time its too adorable to hate. I have a foot tall Twilight plushie that I often like to cuddle with because cuddling with the plushie makes me feel better. Shipping and gore aren't bad. I like them a lot, but only if they're well written, like Rainbow Factory or One Night in Manehattan. I don't like canon shipping. I just don't pony confessions them, to me it's a bit repulsing.

OCs and canon characters are okay with me, but it's mainly canon shipping that bothers me. This my seem crazy, but I actually like "You Gotta Share".

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I want to vacation in ponyville She's got good family food, and I'm sure Granny could keep me entertained, pony confessions I know at least one pony she knows has a banjo cutie mark, I'd like to hear him play. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Esmeshy Link to post Share on other sites. Register now to remove this ad. Replies 2k Created 9 yr Last Reply 7 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 88 81 79 Popular Posts Kodiak February 19, Rezo February 19, Champion RD92 May 7, Posted Images.

Simcity Kodiak Crispy 5, Also, shipping. Knight Shadrahk I don't really have any. Ninja Derpy I am a huge pyromaniac. I'm a fan of gorefics and shipping, if they're well done.

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Silverhoof 2, She is just too vain and selfish to even visualize any shipping with her. Trixie is fine as a villain, but I don't want to see her again. OK, thats my deep dark secret My confession? I have two. The second? Oh my goodness, I like those! Crazy Misty Pony confessions Homura 7, Nah 3, I love Rainbow Dash, as in a small crush.

Rezo Ezynell 2, Not Robin 1, Queen Cassie 3, Stoner Spike February 19, edited. By the way, Kyronea, I r jelly. Edited February 19, by Midnight. It's my fear, I'll never be able to look at it. I've heard about it from so much bronies, and the opinion is allways the same. I'm sure it could make me sad to death. I'm afraid of "My little dashy". Bow Heart Blackcat Proctra Music This topic is now closed to further replies. Followers Go to topic listing. Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this. In the herd!

Pony confessions

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