Married flight attendants cheating

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A FRIEND of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH's captain has alleged the pilot struggled in his marriage, cheating on his wife with flight attendants and becoming obsessed with following models on social media. The plane, carrying people disappeared without a trace and has been the source of much conspiracy, with the flight's disappearance remaining unsolved.

A of theories relying on Captain Shah's vulnerable mental state point to a potential explanation for the mystery, with the independent group who worked on the case alleging the disappearance was a murder-suicide.

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Speaking to The Atlantica man claiming to be a fellow captain and 'lifelong friend' of Shah's admits that he 'reluctantly' agrees with that theory, and thinks that the captain's supposed marital problems could have been a contributing factor to his emotional state. The fellow captain, whose name has been omitted from the article 'because of possible repercussions' claims his pal's marriage was 'bad'. However, the pilot also makes it clear that this isn't unusual for those who work in aviation, and alleges Captain Shah's wife knew about his supposed infidelities.

We all do [sleep with flight attendants]. The anonymous pal agrees that while perhaps a bad marriage wasn't the motive behind the alleged murder-suicide, it could have been a contributing factor to Shah's mental state following rumours that the pilot was 'clinically depressed'. It is alleged that at the time of the disappearance, Shah's wife had moved into their second home and that he was living alone. According to The Atlantic, Shah allegedly took a liking to a married woman with three children, their relationship is described as 'wistful' and Shah spent a lot of time on his own, and 'used social media a lot'.

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Friends of the captain claim that Shah became 'obsessed' with following models on Facebook, spending copious amounts of alone time scrolling through their feeds and leaving 'shyly sexual' comments on their photos. He is described as being a 'romantic' and is alleged to have become 'disconnected' from reality, spending too much time on social media and developing unhealthy, one-sided relationships with young models on Facebook.

Despite some unhealthy habits, Captain Shah's anonymous friend claims he finds the murder-suicide theory difficult to 'reconcile' with, although he thinks it is likely.

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Married flight attendants cheating

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