How to get a girl to send u pics

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The last thing a woman wants is to get non-stop requests for nude pictures. More importantly, your neediness could end up turning her off completely. The key to getting a girl to send you her nude photos is to understand the dynamics involved and figure out her motivations.

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It helps to realign your mindset before you proceed. Take every conventional thing you know about sex, relationships, and gender stereotypes and throw them out the window. A lot of men make the mistake of just generalizing women, and are all the poorer for it. Some women are ready to send sexy pictures of herself without much fanfare, while others require a little bit more work. Sexting is your gateway here, as it brings intimacy from the bedroom to the phone. It also makes it a lot easier to transition from sexting to half-naked pictures, to straight up nudes.

At the very least, it paves the way to making things a lot more comfortable for the both of you, and upping the ante will come in good time. Straight up asking for her nude pics is definitely not the answer, especially not if the relationship is in its early stages.

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Some women enjoy taking nude pictures and sending them to their beaus. Others, though, simply cannot fathom the thought. The key here is to figure out what your girl is into. If your girl gets off on taking racy pictures of yourself, good for you. In fact, it can be considered a cornerstone for many. We even prefaced this entire thing by talking about the importance of sexting. Vulgar is unacceptable, and can make any woman feel completely objectified. What counts as vulgar?

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Sending unwanted dick pics is definitely up there. You never know when some disgruntled ex might put up your intimate pictures on some website. If you want her to be comfortable sharing her nude pics with you, the first thing you have to do is to make her feel like she can trust you. You want to at least get her motor running so you can both be open to sharing intimate pictures. Shared intimacy is a very good way to start things up, and it helps if you go slow. Being too aggressive will put undue pressure on her and make things complicated.

Instead, it works better if you can make her feel super hot. Let her know just how attractive she is to you.

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Text her a compliment when she puts up a pretty hot picture on Instagram. Your job here is to be astute.

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If a girl sends you nudes, the last thing you want is to act all cold and aloof. She took a chance, took a racy picture, and sent it to you.

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Instead, make sure to text back your appreciation — as soon as possible. Have you ever wondered why women send nudes?

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When you discount their sex drives, you ignore the psychology behind nude pictures. When you know why she likes taking nude photos, you can then use the information to make her more amenable to sharing them with you.

So, here are some of the reasons why girls enjoy taking and sharing nude photos:. Taking selfies is a real self-esteem game. Some days, you know you look really good and you have to take a photo to document it. She gets off on showing off. When people talk about exhibitionism, they tend to think of the old men in large coats who harass teen girls. Sharing nudes is a very intimate act, and for women, this can be a that she sees you differently.

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How to get a girl to send u pics

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