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September 14, The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and Clue, a Berlin-based female health company, have released the largest known survey of women's sex-tech engagement, and the first to explore this topic on a global level.

Featuring responses from overwomen in countries, the study—"Mobile sex-tech apps: How use differs across global areas of high and low gender equality," published in the journal PLOS ONE —offers an unprecedented look at how women around the world interact with dating and sex-related mobile apps to answer questions, seek information and improve their sexual lives in the process.

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Over half of all women Researchers were surprised to learn that women in countries with higher gender inequality reported being more than four times more likely to report sexting than women in more egalitarian regions. The study also found that women in places with greater gender inequality were twice as likely to report that they've used apps to improve their sexual relationships, whereas women from places with lower inequality were more likely to report that they've used apps to learn about sexual relationships.

Of the 11 percent of women globally who reported using an app to improve their relationship, the three most common reasons they gave were staying connected with a partner they could not see in person 5 percent ; facilitating exploration of new sexual experiences, such as new sex toys or positions 3. The study found that about one-fifth This was more common in Oceania one in three than in North America and Europe one in four or Asia and Africa one in five.

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The exception was women in East Africa, who reported seeking "friends with benefits" 8. One of the most exciting findings for the researchers was that despite global differences in how women reported using mobile apps for dating or sex-related purposes, the act of seeking out information through internet-connected mobile phones was a positive experience for the vast majority of women in the study.

Less than 1 percent globally reported apps as detrimental 0. The Clue-Kinsey sex-tech survey used the same technology to reveal for the first time how women have adapted sex-tech to their lives, no matter where they live.

Data for the survey were collected via an anonymous questionnaire, developed by Clue with consultation from the collaborating researchers. Participants were recruited through Clue's newsletter, website and social media s, and the social media s of the Kinsey Institute.

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