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Hello, Personal info as kik,skype etc. Thank you, StanleyOG. Hello, New users on the forum won't be able to send PM untill certain criteria are met you need to have at least 6 posts in any sub forum. Best regards, StanleyOG. Hello, You can now get verified on forum. The pictures that you will send me for verification won't be public Best regards, StanleyOG.

Tags: squirt squirt pussy squirter. ed: Jul 24, Messages: Oct 1, Out of my wife and ex, ive gotten them both to squirt Said I was the only one to get her to do it. My wife hates it saying that type of orgasm hurts too much I cant really listen to her word though because she hates regular orgasms in general Ladies, where do you stand? ed: Jan 21, Messages: 11, I agree re: the intensity of the orgasm, but as for squirting, not so much!

Especially if it is with someone who you don't know really well! Sort of embarssing if he is eating you when you do it! Fortunately, none of the men i have showered, got really upset about it, most are like Johnny above and thought it was cool they got me to squirt! Men, you never know what sort of things will turn them on! Like x 2 Agree x 1. Love it when it happens when I'm going down on a girl and she squirts al over my face. Fyrfyter and S83Suzuki like this. ed: Oct 30, Messages: 14, Hate it. One of the very few things I like about being a woman is not having to clean up after I masturbate!

Like x 2 Agree x 1 Funny x 1. I take it that you have never had a lover that wanted to clean it all up. I had an ex that the actual main attraction was the fact that she squirted and she liked that I loved to suck it squirt forum up, well she loved that I would eat her out even after Squirt forum had cum in her, and oddly she was only mad because I wanted to kiss even after she let me squirt forum in her mouth.

You can suck it all out of the sheets and mattress? VenusInFurzeOct 2, I've never let it get that far. ed: Jan 5, Messages: Fingered another and squirted in my hand and spanked her pussy till she squirted also. I love going down and getting shot in the face as well.

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It's really hot that your actions led to that and the pheromones make you even hotter. I always cum within a minute of making a woman squirt. But I'm big on female pheromones though. If you like clean non sweaty sex and hate the taste of a woman then guys this isnt for you ed: Jul 6, Messages: 6, Oct 2, I dont squirt often but my GF is a squirter and its awesome when it happens. Like x 4 Friendly x 1. ed: Apr 18, Messages: 17, Some people fear it because they are never taught that it is natural and normal. Some fear the idea of orgasm because it causes a physical pain, some due to an emotional pain.

ed: Oct 7, Messages: 1, I've never 'squirted' - Have I missed out on something good? Like x 1. Not every woman can do it. All it is is a form of an orgasm. Most people believe that it requires that you shoot out like you are pissing but it could be as simple as a small release of fluid that many mistake as a woman getting wetter during sex.

The porn version of squirting makes people think that if it does nor go over a foot it is just cumming, but that is all that squirting actually is. ed: Aug 15, Messages: 9, I like the sensation but not the aftermath. Squirt forum he orgasms there's a small mess to clean up and he usually gets up, gets a wet washcloth and wipes it up off of me or the sheets. When I squirt, it goes everywhere and there's a lot of it. It's a mood breaker to have to jump up, strip the bed linens before it soaks through and then put new ones back on the bed.

Kind of cuts down on the post coital bliss. Funny x 1. ed: Mar 24, Messages: 2, I had one partner who the first time we were together spread a towel on the bed and I thought 'good idea' and it was because we both contributed to the need for it. At our second 'bout' that afternoon while she was vigorously riding me cowgirl her face contorted and I thought she had hurt herself, backed-up by her lifting almost off and saying that she needed to rest for a while, after a few seconds she 'ground down' and had an explosive orgasm, but that didn't stop us going a third and fourth time, when she orgasmed again.

The next time there was not only a towel but also a plastic sheet beneath it, which had me a bit squirt forum but I thought that between us our 'contributions' must have soaked through the towel She was my first squirter and I must admit that I asked her about it and she explained that the first time she had felt it about to squirt forum she'd fought against it, knowing that after it happened she'd be be 'done for the day', which she was.

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ed: Feb 27, Messages: I love squirting and I do it even when squirt forum orgasming Like x 4 Friendly x 2. Oh wauw thats hot. FyrfyterNov 6, Like x 5 Winner x 2 Friendly x 2. squirt forum Feb 25, Messages: 11, Wifey loves it. As do i. I hande the cleanup as to not interrupt her lasting bliss. Mattress protector helps too. ed: Oct 9, Messages: Oct 14, I love it and find it more intense and long lasting, but that may just be because of the fact i can't squirt on a regular basis, first time it happened was with a friend who is easily the thickest I've been with, it caught me off guard when it happened, it felt incredible but embarrassing cause i thought i peed, luckily he was super cool about it and he is actually the only guy I've been able to squirt with.

Like x 2 Friendly x 2. ed: Apr 12, Messages: I can't say I really like it or not. I only squirt when the orgasm is super super intense almost to the point of I don't know. It is rare and my husband is the only person who has ever gotten me to that point and only in the past few years. We discovered I was able to do it by accident when we purchased a new glass toy. ed: Jan 20, Messages: 41, Like x 3 Winner x 1 Friendly x 1. I plan on making you squirt. HungnfertileOct 14, I rub that G-spot for you deegenerate. ed: Oct 16, Messages:

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