Period blood fetish

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Menophilia is simply the love philia of menstrual blood. Menstruation is a natural thing. All female-bodied individuals with a healthy reproductive system do it. So why is it so taboo? Even within kink-circles, it is something that some people shy away from, sometimes even with a level of disgust.

It is hard to gauge the actual amount of shame that is associated with menophilia. However, if I were to look at how menstruation is treated in our culture, it might give some indication of the level of stigma that comes with engaging in acts such as oral sex with a woman during her period. I suspect that part of the problem stems from our sexual health education system, partially from advertising behaviours surrounding feminine hygiene products, and a lot to do with how religion views women who are menstruating.

Oral sex during the period actually, oral sex in general has become an period blood fetish in outlaw lore. The idea that these are feats that will earn someone a patch gives some indication that these activities are seen as unusual, perhaps even period blood fetish.

If you take it one step further, oral sex itself seems to be something that is outside of societal norms and if I were to pay attention to the dialogue on FetLife, going down on a woman appears to be questionable behaviour for Dominant males. Okay, the sex education curriculum has come a long way since I was in school. My health class spent an entire week on sexual health, which included the reproductive systems for both male- and female-bodied persons back then, there was no mention of transgender identities or nonheterosexual orientations.

The information dealing with sexual activities amounted to abstain, or if you do have sex penis in vagina, of courseuse a condom. I got the core of my menstrual information from my mother. She knew I had already started, but she thought it might answer some questions I had about the process that was consuming my life and as I share in the interview, I mean that quite literally.

But, that one week of sexual health education I would receive several years later did nought to teaching me about what was happening in my body.

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By the time I reached sexual maturity, there was a strong shame associated with being a bleeder. Fear and shame are powerful motivators. Anyone in marketing will tell you that one way to tap into a segment of the population is to convince them that they have a problem or a need.

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If I could tap into their largest fear and demonstrate how it could mark the end of their business, I had a sale. And I had healthy sales … I sold nightmares. Since advertisements have to be effective and appeal to values that are widely accepted in society, by studying advertisements one can see how people think and talk about things. These advertisements are the ones that create the fear of staining, leaking, bulging and smelling in us.

This is turn extends the stigma around talking about menstruation openly. for menstrual sanitary products never show menstrual blood though in an ad by Always had a neat drop of blood. Discussing about menses is considered offensive and disgusting. It is a successful stratagem if selling your products is your sole goal and for many companies, that is as far as their interests go.

However, it furthers the shame that many young people already feel because their body is behaving differently than their male counterparts. That being said, there is one thing that the advertisers have capitalised on: even when you are on the rag, you can still participate in activities just use our products to keep you dry, odour- and stain-free. And so began the shame and vilification of woman. So, many of the world religions developed rules and rituals surrounding the wonder of healthy reproductive health.

Instead of going into details of the lengths some religions have taken to keep women under their thumb, I will instead refer you to the Aru Bhartiya paper, Menstruation, Religion and Society linked in the Related Reading section. With the sole exception of Sikhism, all of the major religions have rules that state, among other things, that a woman who is bleeding is unclean and those who engage in sexual activity with them during that time are also unclean. With our lack of period blood fetish, the marketing of shame, and religious ostracization, is it any wonder that sexual activity during that time of the month has become taboo?

I have friends some of whom have healthy sexual appetites who will divert their attention from the television period blood fetish an ad for feminine hygiene products comes on the air. But, women are sexual beings and that includes the period of time when their uterus is shedding its lining.

I recently had the opportunity to talk about menophilia with Patrick, or MrRedWing. Our discussion will be available tonight as the latest instalment of Stereo-Typed episode 28 and Fetish Philes episode 3.

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While a woman is not unclean as proscribed by religion during her cycle, this is a messy, enjoyable business. Like what you see or hear? Please consider ing my Sugar Daddy Collective and help me bring more interesting topics your way on a weekly basis. I love inserting my girls tampons and sex play. Photo by lightstargod. I thought I was the only one, some twisted pervert.

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Period blood fetish

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Bloody hell. The so-called trend for 'blood hounds' might be a sexual fetish too far