Men playing with cum

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Some people love cum and some guys are super-squeamish about it. Do whatever you like with it.

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Lots of cum play activities break a bunch of safer sex rules. Other types of cum play are safe, harmless and could be a really intimate way to develop any sexual relationship. But first, read and understand the general rules about safe sex.

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Read our guide to PrEPand use condoms. Always try to avoid the eyes, regardless of how many dicks are in your face. If it was a lot of cum, you could try rinsing your eye with warm water. Related: The gay sex guide to dildos. Once cum leaves the body and is exposed to the open air, any HIV that may be present dies very quickly. But other STDs like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes live in your jizz for much longer and are much easier to pass on.

Now back to the fun part. This gives him a soft landing area to aim for, and you can avoid it potentially getting deeper inside your mouth, or at the back of your throat which can sting a bit and maybe even give you a croaky voice for half an hour if you end up swallowing some. Guys can be very sensitive about what their partner does with their load. Yes readers, this really is possible. But drinking lots of water, generally being healthy and avoiding drugs, alcohol and caffeine can make it taste better.

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Cinnamon and pineapple are both believed to make it taste better too. Related: The gay sex guide to condoms. Related topics: gay sexSex. Maggie Baska - July 24, Ed Nightingale - July 24, Lily Wakefield - July 24, Vic Parsons - July 6, Karen Holden - July 4, Josh Milton - June 23, Vic Parsons - April 25, Explainer A gay sex guide to cum play. Danny Polaris April 26, Bookmark Article. Everybody cums. Related: The gay sex guide to lube Is cum play safe?

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Men playing with cum

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A gay sex guide to cum play