Cane spanking

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Simple and extremely effective for various levels of impact play. Indulge yourself from light to heavy spanking, submissive punishment, role play, and any scene where you'd like to elevate the heart rate with plenty of welts for immediate and post admiration. Every cane is handmade to order from select raw lumber.

Find the perfect match for your needs and aesthetic from a wide variety of unique hardwoods not found anywhere else.

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Do not under estimate its ability to light fire wherever placed, with a variety of natural knuckles, twists, and segmented variations along its shaft. For those looking for a quick snap with a flick of the wrist. Each piece is hand selected, cut, sanded, and wrapped for maximum impact and safety. Those looking for a bit more in the ways of rigidity, balance, look, and feel, will find a new favorite in a solid oak cane.

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With a more open grain and lighter natural color, the oak cane takes stains and finishes very nicely, allowing for a wide variety of tones to choose from. This includes our international orders. To receive your order, please select priority mail at checkout. If you do not, we'll send you a message with an upgraded shipping invoice or offer to cancel the order.

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Thanks again and please send us a message if you have any questions. Classic Spanking Cane.

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Add to Cart. Far less flexible than wood options, this variety offers a completely different experience and is highly recommended for those who live and love on the more thuddy side.

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Brought to a smooth matte finish, contrasted with the hand wrapped hemp grip, this modern take on the cane is a popular choice by our experienced and adventurous customers. No matter which variety you choose, your solid cane guarantees to leave plenty of welts for immediate and post admiration. These canes are a superb tool for knowledgeable novices, experts, and professional alike, and will come with a hand wrapped hemp grip giving even more finesse to each and every strike. Recently Viewed Items.

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Cane spanking

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