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Sneezing fetishism has caught the fleeting attention of the Internet before. Infor example, Gawker poked fun at posts about the disaster movie Contagion on the Internet forum SneezeFetishForum. ABC took stock of the phenomenon a few years prior. But few have tried to understand sneezing fetishism beyond a knee jerk reaction to its oddity. But if we suspend our initial disbelief at this fact, we can start to ask some more interesting questions about the sexualization of sneezing, questions like: Where did this fetish come from?

How did we discover it? And how can something like a sneeze ever be sexy? Most forms of sexual fetishism have textual footprints that predate the Internet. Nineteenth-century sexologists like Richard von-Krafft-Ebing, Havelock Ellis, and Magnus Hirschfeld collected hundreds of case histories of fetishism in their massive tomes on sexual variation. In the late 20th century, fetishists began to publish newsletters sneeze kink their sneeze kink interests. But still, nary a newsletter for the sniffling enthusiast. Today, SFF, which seems to be the premier web destination for anyone with this proclivity, has a membership of nearly 3, A surprisingly large of these posters are women, too—Freud theorized that only men could develop a fetish but he never had any of the SFF ladies on his couch.

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The size of this co-ed SFF user base still pales in comparison to the membership s of Internet forums for more popular sexual fetishes like foot fetishism or even diaper fetishism. Given the way the Internet tends to magnify even the smallest of niches, this must mean that sneezing fetishism is one of the rarest of all sexual interests.

In fact, American sex therapist Dr. For some, this is the sneezing fetish equivalent of a good striptease. In this respect, sneezing fetishism shares some common sneeze kink with BDSM even if it might be hard to picture Christian Grey getting off on a case of the sniffles. But none of this answers the question of how a sneezing fetish comes to be.

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From the very first writing on sexual fetishism, psychologists have theorized that fetishes have roots in a singular childhood experience. Most SFF members have had the fetish since childhood and many can recall specific incidents in which they made powerful erotic associations with sneezing.

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His explanation of normal heterosexuality, after all, is at least ten times more convoluted than his of fetishism. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Samantha Allen. Updated Apr.

Sneeze kink

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