Sneeze fetish

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Thousands of people are titillated not just by their own sneezes, but also by watching others sneeze too. So with this wisdom in mind, if you're currently battling a horrid cold, there is a way of turning it to your advantage. Sneezing to you might simply be your body's way of expelling snot and germs - the sort of bodily function pretty common at this time of year - but to a lot of people, it is SO much more.

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Some people like sucking sneeze fetish, others enjoy swingers parties - and thousands of people get their kicks through sneezing. Turns out, you can quite literally fetishize anything. As fetishes go, sneezing is incredibly popular, and the Sneezing Fetish Forum is a dedicate web space for members to share their enthusiasm and discuss their preference at length. For some forum users, they view it as a sexual preference, with one man saying, "I realised that I had 'something' for sneezes when I was around eight years old.

When I would get home I would instantly go on the computer and look at stuff about sneezing for hours. Many are also on a quest to keep sneezing, which of course means making some sacrifices - i. So tonight I'm soaking my feet in cold water and going for a run outside. In a discussion called "Preferred of Sneezes", members voted and, it turns out, sneezing twice is the ideal. However, when enjoying watching others sneeze, it seems the sky is the limit, with over five sneezes being voted top.

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It's easy to write fetishes off as being bizarre, even unpalatable sometimes. But is there any scientific grounding in sneezing being enjoyable, sexually? But while humans are conditioned for that release a sneeze brings - and a feeling of satisfaction after, there's no truth in the theory.

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Sneeze fetish

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