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Asl is an internet abbreviation for age, sex, and locationusually asked as a question in romantic or sexual contexts online. The person asking asl is requesting that the other person divulge their age, sex, and what town, state, or country they live in in order to determine if they want to make a romantic or sexual advance on the person.

Inthe term had become widespread and familiar enough to inspire the title of the romance novel Age Sex Location by Melissa Pimentel. In online chats, the letter P is sometimes added to the end of an asl query aslprequesting a pictureto go along with the other information.

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Some chat rooms even discourage or forbid the use of asl in their rules. She also got a few students from the local university ASL class to come and with me. I, however, have also been called a failure because I still use ASL and don't speak perfectly. As hearing parents, they had little knowledge of ASLdeaf culture and the mess that is deaf education system was. New Word List Word List.

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Save This Word! See synonyms for ASL on Thesaurus.

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Also asl. American Shuffleboard League. American Language. American Soccer League. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz!

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What else does asl mean? Where does asl come from? How is asl used in real life? American Language See Ameslan.

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