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By Maayan Lubell. But in Israel, more and more Jewish parents are saying no to the blade. Nearly all baby boys in Israel are circumcised. Be their parents ultra-Orthodox or totally secular Jews, it is by far the most common choice. Most Israeli-Arabs also keep with a practice that is widespread in the Muslim world.

Jewish circumcisions are done when the baby is eight days old. But an increasing minority fear it is a form of physical abuse. When Gali learnt she was carrying a baby boy it was obvious to her that he would be circumcised. But she started to think again after a conversation with a friend whose son was uncircumcised. I said no. Was it for health reasons? Then it began to sink in. I began to about it, enter Internet forums, I began to realize that I cannot do it. Nowadays I get dozens of s and phone calls a month, hundreds a year.

In societies around the world who circumcise boys for non-religious reasons, out of habit or tradition or because of the perceived health benefits, the practice can be controversial. Rates of circumcision in Europe are well under 20 percent, while in the United States, according to statistics cited by the Center for Disease Control CDCmore than half of newborn boys continue to be circumcised. The American Academy of Paediatrics said in August that the health benefits of infant circumcision - potentially avoiding infection, cancer and uncut arabs diseases - outweighed the risks, but said parents should make the final call.

But where the decision is ultimately a matter of personal choice for many uncut arabs around the world, for Jews who question the tradition, it is more complicated. He asked not to be named to avoid being connected to any controversy.

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Scholars have differed over the years what this means in practice. Tamir is unswayed by the ancient verses.

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The Internet was helping to spread the word, she said, allowing parents to find information about circumcision and seek advice anonymously. Some Jewish groups in the United States which oppose circumcision offer alternative religious brit ceremonies that do not include an actual circumcision.

In she started a website to connect parents who are unsure about what to do. In Israel, uncut arabs the vast majority are circumcised, the dilemma may be particularly difficult. Although she is confident of the choice she and her husband made, Gali still has one concern. The Health Ministry does not keep records on circumcisions but estimates about 60, to 70, are held in Israel every year, which roughly corresponds to the of boys born inaccording to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The ministry said it treats about 70 cases a year of circumcisions gone wrong, mainly minor complications such as excessive bleeding. Lifestyle Updated.

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By Maayan Lubell 7 Min Read. A Jewish man holds his baby son before his circumcision in Jerusalem in this September 24, file photograph. Circumcision is one of Judaism's most important laws and for generations of faithful it has symbolised a Biblical covenant with God. Editing by Jeffrey Heller and Sonya Hepinstall.

Uncut arabs

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