Spanking your lover

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Wishing your lover would take a bit more control in the bedroom? Frustrated by his hesitation to be the boss while you happily submit?

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Don't know how to bring this up without embarrassment and possible disappointment? Though there are a of respectful and knowledgeable books on the market that inform new practitioners about the hands-on aspects of BDSM, what seems to be missing, or at least downplayed, are the psychological complexities many new fans are encountering. An answer to your disappointment about your partner not taking the lead may come from an example from a client of mine. Tom, a year-old heterosexual man arrived in my office concerned about the sexual requests he was getting from his girlfriend of two years.

She had told him she wanted more experimentation in their sex lives, and suggested some props. He enjoyed her sexy new outfits and picking her up in a bar while pretending they were strangers, but when she then asked him to spank her, he found himself in a quandary. Raised by ardent feminists, he knew well the rules about spanking your lover women.

When he attempted to please his lover with a light spanking, she begged for more -- and harder. Tom soon began to avoid sex rather than confront his anxiety. He felt torn between being a "good man" and a "good lover. Like you, Tom is in good company. Many people, regardless of gender, confront how BDSM intersects with abuse. The surface answer is simple: consent.

If everyone playing clearly agrees with what is happening, it is not abuse. The more complex answer is that, even with unambiguous and enthusiastic consent, it can be difficult to lay hands on another person. It goes against our ethics and our lifelong messages about not hitting another person. It can feel beyond naughty and sometimes downright evil.

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Talk about your fantasies and fears. Negotiate your differences while you celebrate your similarities. Establish safe words to be used if any of your limits are threatened, even unintentionally. Tom found that following these tips led to increased vulnerability and intimacy with his girlfriend. In fact, 'kinksters' credit this open communication with strengthening their bond as well as keeping their sex lives hot and fresh.

If you long for more intense stimulation, or if someone you love is asking for more, consider how confronting your old messages and trusting in honest communication can enhance an already rewarding experience. Trying new things is often scary. What is sad is allowing your fear to cost you growth and adventure! Canada Edition. Follow Us. Terms Privacy Policy. This article exists as spanking your lover of the online archive for HuffPost Canada, which closed in First of all, talk to your lover about your feelings. Ask for their views on what's hot and what's not and share yours.

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Proceed slowly Add to your inventory of desired behaviours as you each and both become comfortable. This article exists as part of the online archive for HuffPost Canada. Certain site features have been disabled. If you have questions or concerns, please check our FAQ or contact support huffpost.

Spanking your lover

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