Nude neighbor stories

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About the author, Bistander:. I started writing because my regular life fell apart. I was already paralyzed, but the wheels came off the train because of a woman and I had to start over. Unfortunately, I grew up with a severe learning disability that went untreated, so not only do I have a lot to learn, there's a limit to how much I can do.

I hope you won't hold any of that against me, nor will you excuse poor writing because of it. I welcome and am motivated by your feed back. About the story: This is one of the first stories I wrote, almost ten years ago, back when I knew less about writing. I'm re-posting it here because the free site it was originally on, Sexstories, pulled chapters 1 and 3. That alone is a good reason to support this site--They don't censor stories!

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If you have already read this, I only cleaned the chapters up and combined 3 chapters into 2. I still haven't written more or a different ending. Eventually I'll get around to cleaning up the other chapters and bringing them here, but for now you'll have to go read the old version if you can't wait. Please, leave comments. My Neighbor's Incest. Part 1. The Attic. It won't be that bad," my mother said.

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There was no changing her mind, so I put a chair under the attic door, got on it and lifted the panel out of the way, then I grabbed the edges and pulled myself in. It wasn't as hot as I expected, but it was still plenty hot. By the time I reached the far end of the attic, where mother told me to look, I was sweating. There it was, a box labeled arts and crafts. Arts and craps, as far as I was concerned.

I started to pick it up, but realized I nude neighbor stories see my neighbor's house through the vents. How had I never noticed this before? I got close to the vents and looked between them. To my delight, I could see over their fence into the backyard. I pushed one of the slats up, for a better view. The Davis's have a swimming pool. I've heard them splashing and laughing, but never been invited over. That darn fence. My heart jerked, then pounded at the sight. Davis was lying on a lounge chair, face down.

She's a gorgeous woman who has given me boners when she's in regular clothes. Now, her ass is barely covered by her bikini bottoms. I wish I had my spy glasses. Even without them, it's clear there isn't a top to her bikini. My teenage cock responded immediately.

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How long would I have before my mother started calling me? I freed my rod and started stroking, hoping Mrs. Davis would flip over and show me her beautiful breast. I jerked with the speed only a kid can manage. My balls expanded as they readied themselves to blast my sperm.

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I wanted to wait and see if she would get up, but my cock shot a stream of cum onto the vents and floor, then Mrs. Davis turned over and sat up. There they were, her massive tits. She had huge nipples that stuck straight out. Without giving it any thought, I was stroking again, using my own cum as lubrication.

I couldn't believe I had tried to get out of coming into this hot attic, into heaven.

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My neighbor stood up and her melons swung from side to side. She was so beautiful with clothes on, but this was too much. I shot another load. I had once came six times looking at a playboy magazine, would Mrs. Nude neighbor stories make me break that record. The woman on the other side of the fence did the unimaginable, and my cum slicked fist started moving up and down my cock again. She slid her bottoms down, lifted them with her foot and laid them neatly on a table.

My heart raced. I had never seen a woman's triangle of hair in real life. I increased the speed of my strokes while Mrs. Davis turned, bent over and pointed her ass in my direction. She got back on the chair, on her hands and knees.

She stayed that way long enough for me to imagine being behind her and jamming my dick into her hole. Oh, what it would be like to finally stick my cock inside a real woman instead of my hand? I beat my cock like a madman. Her beautiful round ass was demanding I give it more cum.

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My third orgasm started to boil inside my balls, but before I could launch it, my mother yell my name. Between gasps of air, I yelled back, "I'm coming," but I stayed right there until I was actually cumming. The volume was diminished, but my third orgasm still hit the vents. If my mother wasn't waiting for me to hand that stupid box down to her, I could have stayed in the heat all day, jerking off to Mrs.

I said, "Here I come, Mom," then packed my cock in my shorts and grabbed the box. While I lowered myself from the attic, I realized a bulge or wet spot from my dripping cock might be in my mother's face. Hopefully she wouldn't notice. Time pasted so slow. No matter how hard I tried to think about something else, my thoughts kept going back to my naked neighbor. She could still been right on the other side of that fence. I walked around outside until my mother was gone, nude neighbor stories I prayed Mrs.

Davis was still outside naked. This time I brought my spy glasses. I'd have to act fast if I saw my mother's car. Jackpot, I thought when I saw my neighbor. She was on her back now. Her jugs were hanging off to each side, her knees were up, slightly parted. I zoomed in and focused the binoculars right between her legs. I was so close I could count her pubic hairs.

She was so beautiful and sexy, I could hardly believe she was naked. My cock was rock hard. I moved up and down her body, taking it all in, but I couldn't beat off and not shake the binoculars, not without vomiting.

Nude neighbor stories

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