Am i fuckable

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Men think it's a compliment that they would bang me, but it's not. I want someone to care about me. The fact that they would stick their dick in me and never see me again is hurtful, not complimentary. I feel like taking my life because I'm so lonely and fed up with men trying to use am i fuckable for sex. It hurts. I can't sleep with someone without developing feelings and I can't sleep with someone I'm not attracted to. People fall in love and get into relationships and get married every day, but I don't know why it doesn't happen for me.

It's like we're not allowed to say nice things about ourselves without sounding stuck up, but I'm pretty, I'm funny, I'm kind, I'm intelligent. When asked what I'm looking for in a man I say those same things: attractive, funny, kind and intelligent, and I'm told I want too much.

Being unable to find love hurts so much more than being unable to get sex. My new year's resolution was to delete my online dating profiles, be focused on myself, and build stronger friendships. Yes, romantic relationships are awesome. But the intimate relationship that you build with yourself is superior.

Let everyone else fall to the side. It sounds SO cliche But in the end, you're all you've got. Learn to love it. So much this! I had the same resolution a few years ago and it was amazing how much happier I was not searching for anything other than friendships. Please be kind to yourself.

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I got out of a horrible long term relationship and tried to jump right back in and it was just a mess. I decided I needed to worry about myself and fix my life. You need to look into counseling and therapy.

If you feel like harming yourself get help NOW! Go to the hospital and be honest to the staff. There is no shame taking a time out to help yourself. Right now you need to focus and concentrate on getting yourself in a better place before you can get into a healthy functioning relationship. Please please reach out for help.! A friend, your parents, anyone who you trust and will listen. Feel free to send me a message if you need to talk.

Please if you are thinking about harming yourself get help!

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I wish you the best OP. If you take the time to help yourself it will get better. Your life is more then a relationship. I hear you and I relate. I can relate to this. Guys constantly want to fuck me but not date me. Not to be rude, but you are a drug addicted single mom, I can see why. Maybe it's because you have an 8 year old daughter? That's a big deal breaker for some men. I get told this too, it almost feels like a compliment, at least it did the first time, kinda learned my lesson after. Also it usually adds insult to injury to overhear someone, say to their friend that they would fuck me, but not date me because "I used to be a man".

It's like a double slap to the face. As a guy with the same perspective about sleeping with people, I always am i fuckable feelings when I do, and don't sleep with them if I don't. We encounter some of the same type of shit on our side. Seems like there are a lot of people that just don't want anything more then the most shallow base level relationship.

Wish I could them, just sleep around and never give a shit about anything, but I can't. Maybe we live in the wrong era. I think you might be too young or around the wrong people. Everyone i know is like secretly or nor so secretly hoping to end up married and with. Just that I totally emphasize and when you try to tell people that you are just looked at as stupid because apparently if someone wants to put their dick in you you should feel lucky. Keep pushing forward, their is someone for everyone out there.

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We live in an age where casual sex is just part of the norm and that ought to be respected by its self. You want someone kind and tender loving, you ought to find man like that in college or a library, or some other respectable environment. Focus on the people you have a chance to meet, rather than some pie in the sky belief in fate and destiny. Being "fuckable" is not a compliment. Posted by 3 years ago. I want love, not dick. Sort by: best.

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Why am I fuckable, but not dateable?