Thicc fat

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Proportions, mostly. If you start losing your actual chin in your other chins, you be fat. THICC is someone who has weight but carries it well. Curvy or athletic. Nothing attractive about it.

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THICC is curvy and still attractive. The female hourglass figure is still there - slim waist, large hips and chest. Fat means having body fat in the wrong places, and its unattractive. Attraction of course varies from person to person, so everyone will have their own definition and limits as to when THICC becomes fat. Sadly, the term "curvy" has become synonymous with "fat" Not curvy as in your fat rolls curve around your body and fold on top of themselves. Absolutely nothing. If you're "thicc" then you're fat.

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Thick can be fit and muscular or curvaceous - fat is slovenly and sloppy. The way your weight is distributed, and the amount that you weigh. I think it really is just a pretty sliding marker that has more to do with attractiveness than fatness. One is a valid descriptor of a person with a high body fat percentage, the other a slang term made up by people who like that excessive body fat, but don't like the negative connotation of the word "fat", and justify the different term by proportion of said fat.

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Fat: Chubby all around. Thicc: Only big ass or boobs. Fat is a body shape, thicc is a meme. How flabby is it? How hourglass - shaped is it?

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Phat and Thick? Fat is like muffin top. Thicc is like thin but thicker.

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White v Black. That's what I was thinking.

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Thicc fat

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In your opinion, what is the difference between fat and THICC?