I want to be a cuckold

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It has come to the point you realize you want to be cuckold.

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When you realize this type of fantasy turns you on everything else becomes less and less exciting over time and you just crave it even more so. The one common denominator is the fact that you want to share your woman with another man whether it be a stranger, a friend or even a co-worker.

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All hopeful cuckolds want this more than anything, to see their partners having fun and getting naughty with someone else while they watch and masturbate or in some cases in on the fun lubing the guy up or pleasing his wife in other ways while the stud has sex with her or gets blown by her. If your not yet married your in luck because you can search for and find a woman who is open to these type fantasies before hand with ease online and can even play around on the internet chatting with others on webcam or over the phone to see if you really want to try the real thing.

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For those of you in a relationship though you have to be careful because the fantasy is so misunderstood that it can lead to problems when not explained thoroughly or in the right manner. So test the waters first. Yes, I wish I had these feelings before I got married so I could of selected a woman who was in line with my cuckold desires but what do you do when you fall in love? I do love my wife more than one could imagine but would love to share a nice cock with her and love to see her cum impaled on his manhood followed with me cleaning them both with my tongue.

Information dense, objectively presented and a very enjoyable read! The best way a man can express his love to a woman is by putting her first. This seems the simplest and best way to honor her.

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We are a an australian cloupe that recently started cuckolding adventures. I always had a interest in BDSM, over the years using the net, i cam across chastity and cuckolding.

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I really loved the idea, the humiliation, control aspects. In the meantime my wife who is a little older started re-assessing things when she hit 40 and wanted to have the thrill and the rush of a sexual liason. In the mean time im bringin home MFM porn and actual cuckold videos, which started a whole conversation about jealously and throwing open to a cuckold relation.

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You can see some of our adventures on our tumblr. You Really Want to Be Cuckold?

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I want to be a cuckold

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So You Want to be a Cuckold