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However, what that looks like for each individual man can be totally different. Some want to last longer or improve their skills as a lover, while others want to constantly be trying new things. All of those are fairly doable, but when it comes to something like amping up your ejaculations, making improvements in that department might be a little trickier.

As it happens, a lot of men want to produce more sperm for fertility reasonsincrease the volume of their ejaculate for pride reasonsor increase the distance of their ejaculate for While there are things you can do to increase the load you're shooting, it's important to understand how the process works, as well as what factors might be impacting your performance.

Here's a look at the science behind ejaculation, why some lo are bigger than others and some tips to consider for increasing your ejaculate volume. What's considered a normal amount of ejaculate? Michael Reitano, physician in residence at men's health service Roman.

That said, not all men produce equal amounts, and as it turns out, produce more cum is a peak age for ejaculate volume. But contrary to what you might think, there's no known health or fertility benefit to shooting a big load. Paul Turek. The factors that determine the size produce more cum a man's seminal vesicles, and any ethnic variations in size that exist, are currently unknown.

It's no wonder that men get hung up on it. Jamin Brahmbhatta board certified urologic surgeon in Florida. The truth is, what you see in porn is exaggerated and made to appear larger than life thanks to camera angles and editing. You could still have millions of sperm in a low-volume ejaculate. Your volume of ejaculate by no means defines who you are as a man. When we finally talked about it, she told me it didn't matter to her at all.

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She just wanted to be able to have sex for longer. Looking back on it, I feel pretty dumb that I was concerned about it in the first place. Everyone's different, but I really don't think any woman would say she'd rather wait three days for you to increase your reserves or whatever just to feel like a porn star for a minute. To boot, ensuring you have a healthy volume can even be a means of improving your overall wellbeing.

Engaging in the below activities is, according to Dr. Produce more cum big determinant of your semen volume is how recently you last ejaculated. While you or your partner might prefer to have more consistent sex with less semen as opposed to less sex that produces more, if you want to increase volume, ejaculating less often is one way to do it. If you're a smoker who's been trying to quit, here's yet another reason to do so. Regardless of whether you have problems or not, stopping smoking is good for your health.

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Considering semen is a liquid, staying hydrated can have a positive impact on your ejaculation size. In addition to ridding the body of toxins and producing a healthier ejaculate, proper hydration will also increase how much semen you produce. While it won't increase the actual volume of your ejaculate, Kegel training can help you shoot it more robustly. That, in turn, should result in a longer distance. Just as what you put in your body is what you'll get out of it, that same logic applies to your ejaculation volume.

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Meaning, eating a balanced, healthy diet is likely to help you in the semen volume department. Among the foods rich in zinc are red meat, turkey and oysters. Lycopene is found in foods like tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon, and selenium is found in nuts. It stands to reason that by increasing your intake of these components, you can effectively boost your ejaculations.

There are also studies that suggest supplements for sex like horny goat weed, Gokshura and Black maca may help increase ejaculate. That said, sometimes being on testosterone supplements can improve semen volume. Search AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Danielle. Show comments. Comments Share your opinion Your name. Semen Orgasm sex. Sex Tips. Have You Heard of the Orgasm Gap? Sexual Experiences. Sexual Health. Grooming Fragrances Hair Shaving Skin.

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Produce more cum

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