Operating room fetish

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I have always had a fantasy being in the OR surrounded by doctors and nurses. I am strapped on the table not able to move with the anesthesia mask over my face.

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I can not speak but I can see and hear everything they are doing. I can hear my heart beat faster and faster as they pick up instruments and bring them closer to me. I hope one day to get the chance to play in an operating room with the bright lights up above. The full surgical attire and tight gloves. Does anyone else have a surgical fetish? All procedures not including the surgery - all preparations, etc. If there was body wide anesthesia, even the surgery I think this is the ultimate Medfet experience - Strapped to an operating table, not quite sure why, confused, scared, breathing mask strapped to my face, watching the bag inflate and deflate, masked nurse in full theatre garb arranging instruments - getting ready but for what.

Starting to feel dizzy - oh dear I. I agree with the posts. In my fantasy the doctor wants to run tests on me and use me for research and as a teaching subject. Maybe I should write a story about it. Yes indeed I have a very very strong surgical fetish. But on the other side of the game. I like to be the strict surgeon in my blue surgical attire while the patient is strapped on the table naked and scared I try to comfort but I know I will soon palpate scrub cut and operate on the offered body.

Than we start to drop the patient the surgical instruments clinking I palpate the abdomen once more before the sheets are positioned then. I would say a play fantasy would be that they would want to do surgery and I would not want it. I would protest and say no but then insist it must be done. They try operating room fetish get me on the table but I fight them. I put up the fight of my life. I try to punch and kick them and do what ever u can to get away. I struggle against the straps around my wrist ankles and waist but can't get free. One of the young female nurses says ".

She takes a gas mask and tries to put it to my face I try to turn my head away but she forces operating room fetish on my face and holds it very tightly. She says be a good boy and take deep breaths. I try and hold my breath and to get free. I'm fighting like I'm fighting for my life. The gas is very stinky and strong it seems like it is taking forever. I eventually can't hold my breath and breathe gas. She is holding it over my face and I'm fighting her for about 10 minutes and I start to feel a little groogy. I fight hard to stay awake but the gas takes ahold of me and I dose off to sleep.

A few minutes I wake up and she and another girl are stripping me and have me completely naked. She sees I'm awake and says "oh no you don't I need you under" and she quickly grabs the mask again and holds it to my face again and says "be a good boy now and go to sleep".

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The gas quickly takes effect on me and I drift off to sleep. So my fantasy is not about surgery but more about getting held down restrained and put to sleep. I don't know why but my strongest medical fetish is about being put to sleep sedated or given anesthesia and I don't know why.

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I'd like to be wheeled in for a rigid hysteroscopy and endocervical biopsy after given enema and took a shower, of course. Full scrub is being done with betadine soap while I'm awake in the lithotomy position. All this while I'm awake, my feet in knee holders, fastened with a strap to prevent any jerking movements.

The stong, good looking, muscular doctor comes in and talks to me, he will perform the bi-manual exam again. I say "yes" in a whimpy voice The Sims speculum is in and 'm afraid I'll "cum" when he finally sticks in the rigid scope and I feel the cold water inside I had an appendectomy in and I was terrified of having surgery. I almost ran away from the ER when I was asked to the consent for the procedure. I had a plastic surgery years after that appendectomy, but it wasn't fully my idea.

My husband was so happy to be declared cancer free that he bought himself his dream car and offered me as "gift" a cosmetic procedure I mentioned years before that I've been wanting all of my life. The surgery was performed by a famous plastic surgeon he's been on a show on tv, that's the most I can say and probably the fact that everything went amazing gave me the boost of confidence and the courage I needed to get over the fear of surgeries.

When I had a tonsillectomy a couple of years ago, not only I wasn't scared at all when the ENT suggested the procedure, but I found myself weirdly excited and happy he reached that conclusion. At the pre-op as he was explaining what's going to happen and what complications are possible during and after surgery, I could care less about any of it. I've been experiencing an unexplained "high" and told the doctor that none of that was going to happen to me; and I truly believed it. Surgery day felt for me as if I was going to the spa. I was relaxed, positive and joking with the staff.

After being discharged, the first thing I asked my husband was a bagel with cream operating room fetish. I ate a bagel with cream cheese a few hours after tonsillectomy. I don't know if I was high from the drugs they gave me, or if it was all that confidence and positivity I had before surgery. For a while I didn't know what to make of my fantasies, feelings and thoughts.

I feel relieved that there are other people thinking about these sort of things as well and that I'm not the only one. I have been submitted to a phimosis surgery, I was taken for dressing room put a green dress after a nurse and me shaved came in surgery room, to enter was tied the table and received local anesthesia.

Vi and hear all that passed the procedure. My operating room fantasy would be undergoing exploratory surgery. Perhaps I come into the emergency room with severe pain and the doctors can't diagnose me with regular testing, so I am operating room fetish and whisked to an OR. After I am out using a black mask of course a large incision is made to open my abdomen and see what is wrong. A complete staff of female surgeons, doctors and nurses examine me very very thorougly, including urethral catheters, urethral and rectal dilation, enemas and prostate exams.

This is my Fantasy from being Prepped to being taken to O. Yes I'd love it all, prepping, the OR machineries, the staff in full scrubs with masks and bouffant caps, the operating room fetish, the procedure itself. But more at fantasy level. In reality if I could avoid a painful and potentially dangerous surgery I would probably be happy. But I'd love to visit an OR. Either as patient or surgeon.

The prep, seeing the OR ready for surgery, going under, the procedure itself, and then recovery.

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Yes yes, bring it on!!! My fantasy is to be taken to an operating theatre then strapped down with my legs spread wide in stirrups then a needle introduced into my clitoris and an infusion administered for hours making my clitoris enormous. Then electrodes attached to my clitoris to stimulate and cause pain while needles are then inserted into my labia lips with another infusion. So my Labia lips and clitoris are highly sensitive for days while wearing no underwear but available for massage by anyone. I have and want to be similar to yours the feeling of being dubmetio to a procedure in a room surgery is something incredible without explanation anymore as long as it is all fantasy.

My fantasy also same like most someone who interest to be a patient. But i really love to be urology patient. My fantasy start in Emergency Room when i received the examination from urologist and nurse. When urologist can't handle my urology problem with normal treatment, I be taken to Operating Room OR for surgery and intensive treatment.

Also like treatment like urethra dilation, catherer, bladder irrigation, DRE and other. All of theses post are giving me several great ideas for my own next procedure with the Mrs! Thanks for the stimulation all! I started playing surgery about 10 years ago at the request of a patient and have lived it ever since.

The clinical atmosphere. The patients fear. The precision. The image of the patient on the table marked for surgery. It's all very fascinating and exciting. I have a MAJOR surgical fetish and having been in the medical field and have also been a sales consultant for medical equipment I know what to have on hand during a mock procedure. My partner and I use to play some pretty fun scenarios while she and I were working together at the hospital. She was the one who actually introduced me to the whole medfet thing in the first place. The nurse ask me some questions and the anesthesis goes very fast so I slept one minute after entering in the operating room.

Being a dr and with my girl as she has cesarean under general anesthesia to birth quadruplets performed by my colleague. I have always loved the idea of an operating room operating room fetish play while giving birth. Everything that goes with it including the instruments and doctors and nurses. It starts off with lots of pushing and screaming in pain and ends with forceps, suction or maybe a C-section due to dramatic complications.

I have such a huge operating room fantasy. The whole atmosphere of it, with nurses in scrubs, lights, colours, life-support machines, anesthesia mask I would love to play the role of the patient, but also deeply likes to imagine a woman in it child birth, heart surgery, etc My first operating room fetish of an operating theatre was age six, i recall vividly how it looked as the door from the prep room was swung open. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Fantasy Medical Fetish.

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Operating room fetish

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