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Firstly, I have to say that finding a partner is hard. It just is. But in my experience, some submissive men who have the potential to be amazing partners get in their own way when it comes to finding, attracting, and approaching dominant women. Which might be true enough in a broad sense, but it leaves those who ask floundering.

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Loves: 7 Please wait…. Music: Bensound. Sadly, I hear few success stories. I think online discussions can be a bit destructive in this regard, especially. They are just normal folks like you and me. Speak for yourself lady!

Some of us are not normal at all. It works great for role play or pretending, but sucks donkey balls for any kind of relationship building. Great list, Fern. Interestingly enough, my Domme found me. Just plucked me out of the vanilla crowd during a few interactions. She sensed submissiveness, but also confidence, drive, and my outwardly expressed human qualities.

Except that their strength of will is greater than yours. This is a great list. Aurora x. July 6, 29 Comments. Rate this item: 1. Please wait….

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