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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Blue Mods Start date Aug 27, Search This thread Search This thread. This thread. Blue Mods New member. Aug 27, 3 2. Last edited: Apr 24, Lil4skin New member. Sep 5, 1 0. Fake Camera not working?

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Fake camera mod option still sends as a gallery. Lil4skin said:. Click to expand Dec 2, 1 0. Sounds like u just ripped off the king skullkik mod of bluekik. Skulls mod has every one of these "new extra features" and been out over a year. Last edited: Dec 2, Soran7 New member. Feb 18, 1 0. I have an white theme that a can not change, and i cant see some details.

Gtrajkov6 New member. Oct 21, 1 0 Kavadarci. BlueStriker New member. Apr 9, 1 0. A group I was in just got hit by some random that decided to go pi kik a power trip. Please fix this. New member. Apr 15, 1 0. Blue kik premium bot Hello. I understand from using blue kik, that this feature turns yoirself into the bot in question, can you please let me know if there is any support on how to work with it? Does it have all pi kik premium rage features?

Whitelist doesn't want to work? MisterEff Senior Member. Dec 14, 62 Does this have the option for a toast when someone re your message like lynx does? MisterEff said:. Vanvan98 New member. Apr 25, 1 0. Custom font not working Every time I try to use custom fonts they never work I'm trying to use the pre-installed fonts from the custom fonts menu and I have rainbow typing enabled. Anroks Member. Nov 29, 47 3. Adamkitchen09 New member. Jun 4, 1 0. Aug 4, 1 0. Welcome and leave messages I see that under bot theres welcome and leave message, I have 2 questions.

SoberDude Member. Mar 22, 9 4. I tried the backup and restore.

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When I try to restore, it goes back to theand as I'm putting in my password, it says it's restored, but all my chats are gone. Then the app restarts again. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to get them back. Oct 25, 1 0. Feb 1, 2 0. Im having issues with this mod. When I post gifs those using iPhone can only see a white square.

When they click on it it shows as media that other pi kik have posted. I dont want people to think I am saving pics and vids belonging to other users. Please help or I will have to uninstall. Aug 24, 44 5. Maybe a stupid question, but I can't find it answered in the "features" above, have you filtered out the in-app that started appearing in one of the latest official Kik app versions?

You wrote that you're basing your mod on the latest Kik, so, are still there? Guess I could just download it and fiddle around for an hour or so, waiting for an app to appear or not appearbut I'd rather ask! Dec 10, 1 1. Blue Mods said:. Reactions: ShesQu33n. Jan 1, 3 0. Same issue in my case, i cant groups and even start a new chat. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar pi kik R. Rab Aug 6, 2. Replies Views K. Feb 8, Anonymous NetworkAuditor Nov 23, Views 37K.

Jun 1, Invisiblehalo. Rab Jul 15, 2. Views 63K. Jun 27, mehtuus. Locked [MOD][4. Rab Apr 12, Replies 1. Views 4K. Apr 21, Heisenberg. Rab Nov 21, Replies 2. Views 28K. Top Liked Posts 24 Hours All time. Blue Mods. Aug 27, View. Dec 10, View. New posts A.

Pi kik

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