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The program components are similar to the SNAP Boys program, but there are important differences based on research and best practices for treating girl aggression. Experienced and highly trained SNAP staff work with parents to assess problems and create and evaluate treatment or action plans.

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Typically the program consists of six key components :. Babes snap girls reach adolescence, they may decide to become engaged in continuing services including SNAP Girls Youth Leadership Services, individual and family counselling, school support and advocacy, job readiness and external referrals, as needed. As well, a parent problem-solving group is offered several times each year to support parents after completing the SNAP Parenting group. When it launched inthe original SNAP program was a co-ed program, but as the program grew and developed, it became apparent that girls were not gaining the same benefits from the program as their male counterparts.

At the time, there was a ificant gap in gender-specific research and programs focusing on girl aggression.

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As a result, Kathryn Levene, Clinical Director at the former Earlscourt Child and Family Centre, now Child Development Institute, began studying the unique factors influencing girl aggression and the treatment approaches to best meet the specific needs of babes snap.

Developed using the SNAP model, the program incorporates a feminist lens to recognize gender differences. Unique, gender-specific risks and protective factors that influence the negative trajectory of young girls are increasingly being identified. The social and financial burdens of having young girls grow up angry and antisocial are profound in terms of both immediate and long-term consequences, such as:. For girls, important long-term and intergenerational effects are associated with an early aggressive history. Their sons and daughters are at risk of becoming the next generation of children exhibiting early behaviour and health problems.

The program helps SNAP youth address and navigate the complex social and emotional challenges they face during adolescence. Youth may decide to become engaged in continuing services, including leadership clubs, employment counselling, a summer Leaders-in-Training Program, school support and advocacy, individual and family counselling, parent workshops and victim restitution. He knows he has a choice to hang out with the bad kids or be a good kid and ignore it all. Babes snap Focus on Girls? Not having mastered primary developmental tasks, these girls may enter a negative pathway which includes multiple risks such as: Membership in negative and delinquent peer groups Delinquent behaviours Early sexual activity and heightened levels of sexually transmitted diseases Estrangement from families Substance abuse Truancy and school drop-out Depression Early pregnancy Early parenthood impaired by this shaky foundation Adulthood marked by serious problems e.

Parent of SNAP boy.

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