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Hello submissive chat welcome to another chat night here on Submissive Guide. Please feel free to talk about the subject whenever a thought comes to mind, this is not a moderated talk and you do not have to ask permission to speak or ask a question. Please be courteous to others and do not private message them without permission in public chat first.

Dominants are welcome in the chat but are reminded that this is not a pick up chat room. It will auto fill it out for you. Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing; age, experience level, the labels you apply to your submission sub, slave, pet, etc. I'm a something slave to KnyghtMare. I am in Iowa.

I've been his slave for almost 9 years. I am owned and collared by KnyghtMare, as his bitch and submissive, and in a poly group with lunaKM. I'm 33 and live in Iowa. I've been involved in the lifestyle almost 8 years now, and still learning everyday! Also, I used to do chat transcripts of every topical chat, should this return and if so, do you want this chat night to be saved as a transcript? Aftercare in a general sense is the physical and emotional care after play or scenes.

Can you submissive chat anything to this description?

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I have something else to add here. I actually prefer no touching no speaking to me. Do Dominants need aftercare? Dominants also need to transition but rarely get their own aftercare because they are busy caring for their submissive. Encouragement that they gave you what you wanted, especially after very intense sadistic scenes good one Sometimes they need reassurance to know that what they did to the submissive was ok, massages, water, snuggles, encouragment, praise, and ego boosting What else do you think they need? Massage, sex, sleep, affirmation that submissive chat enjoyed yourself, gratitude expressed, exercise Im asking about intensity of aftercare heck, just good sex means you might need a cuddle, a smoke and a drink that would depend on the person on the intensity of aftercare needed RM doenst go into domspace I always thank Master always everytime!

RM heres and feels my thanks a lot. I've encountered so many who take it for granted, I'm so glad to hear you guys and gals do not. Hi, everybody.

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I used to be twistmahtiT and I always say thank you. Why do you think that is? What can we do to help encourage them to get some recovery time? Me dom I get a bit of that submissive chat RM But I know him well enough now, I know what he needs for aftercare I call it "after-play service". And when i'm in sub mode there is nothing I like better after play than going deep into my submission with service.

It might also be that the goal is to get the submissive into a state, whatever state that is and the Dom doesn't think of the metnal state they are in. I am service oriented and that usually hits the spot for RM i agree with littleone Can someone other than the partner administer aftercare? And we are totally connected in our power exchange.

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What other thoughts do you have about aftercare for dominants? I believe Master makes sure he gets his aftercare!

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I think another can do it It could give the Dominant a confidence boost and may have other positive effects. After I cuddle with pepper as the conclusion of a session, getting a massage from her is my aftercare. I need it -- my arm is getting better but an hour with the flogger still makes it sing with pain.

Share ideas? What kind of aftercare might a Dom need if the scene is stopped with a submissive chat or some other abrupt ending? Debriefing and lots of encouragement and connection! They must know that as a submissive you have not been harmed and that mistakes happen, and are understandable debriefing is important I use that a lot in my profession after very intense situations where emotions are high hi vitahalls hi : I feel its necessary so that the parties involved know that although things were intense, not optimal or perhaps went bad, that the end result is what was desired The encouragement and connection is more important, though.

Submissive chat analysis should wait for later, lol. Whether the session went well or poorly. So let's summarize what we've learned Aftercare is physical and emotional adjustment and transition from playtime to after. Feel free to chime in folks Massage, sex, affirmation, reassurance, ego boosts are common need communication, reassurance and ego boosting there can be different needs for different types of play and different times after play they may not voice their need for aftercare look at them straight in the eye and Thank them and tell them how much you love them, if that is the case Always communicate the need for aftercare before playing.

Anything else? I love you lunaKM!

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Submissive chat

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