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A B Higd. Higlac's wife who offered Beowulf the throne because she did not trust her son Herdred. Beowulf's companion who was chief of the Brondings.

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He challenged and defeated Beowulf in a swimming contest. Hrothgar's trusted advisor. The Danes are very upset when he is killed by Grendel's mother and cannot receive a proper funeral. Unferth's ancient sword which he gives to Beowulf before Beowulf confronts Grendel's mother.

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A Swedish king who kills Hathcyn in battle. He is later killed by Higlac. Hrothgar's daugher who is given to Ingeld a Hathobard Prince to settle a feud healfdane the Hathobards and the Danes. The first of the Geats to be slaughtered by Grendel. Higlac's son who ruled Geatland and died in battle against the Swedes. King of the Geats, Beowulf's uncle and lord. The Danish king who built Herot, the most glorious mead-hall. He is wise and brave, but he is tormented by the monster Grendel.

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He was a friend of Beowulf's father. A monster who was decended from Cain who lives at the bottom of a healfdane lake with his mother. An epic hero and son of Edgetho. He was a famous warrior defeating two monstors and a dragon. King of the Geats- brother to Herbald and Hathcyn- uncle to Beowulf. Beowulf's warrior father who married Hrethel's daughter Higlac's sister. A Geat warrior whose family was once part of the Swedes.

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His father is Wextan. He nobly fights with Beowulf against the dragon and assumes the role of king after Beowulf's death. Healfdane oldest brother who was killed by his other brother Hathcyn in a hunting accident. A king of the Geats. He takes the throne after he accidentally kills his brother. Because of this his father dies of grief.

HE is killed by the king of the Swedes in war. King of the Swedes who kills Hathcyn in war. Beowulf's great sword which shatters in his hands when he tries to healfdane it to fight the dragon. A Danish king who was once mighty but failed due to his own pride.

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