Exciting spanking stories

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Abi and Fran both 20 years old enjoy sex and spanking but want help, and get it. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor please leave now. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Our community hasmembers4, online nowin chat rooms.

Latest Forum Posts:. Lush. Submit Story Random Story. Hide Ad. Tags: ffarousaldisciplinelesbianlove making. Abi and Fran met at Uni. Both are now 20 years old and share a small two bed terraced house in the student area close to their University. Both girls shared a fantasy. To be spanked. Both found the orgasms they achieved after being spanked were intense helped by her stinging bottom. There was a limit though as only one girl was spanked. The girls had tried spanking one and then reversing the roles but they found that less satisfying so agreed to play the dominant and submissive roles alternately.

Still satisfying, still erotic, still far better than just straight forward sex, but they hankered for a double spanking at some time. The girls were exciting spanking stories careful to make sure they were alone in the house when they made exciting spanking stories.

The days went by and they made love whenever they could. I would like to but how would you explain it to your Mum? Into spanking and girls? If we do get caught we might even get Mum and Jessica to spank us together, just as we had fantasised about so often. In fact it was quite exciting, the thought of both being spanked together.

That would really liven things up she thought. So the next day they watched out the window as Kate and Jessica left the house to go shopping. Abi agreed as the hostess she should spank Fran. Both 20 year olds were naked as Abi sat on an upright chair and Fran bent down across her lap. The spanking was long and hard, first with the open palm and then the flat wooden back of the paddle hairbrush. Fran was yelping and crying out as her bottom was turned a searing burning red as Abi splattered her bottom with spanks. The spanking was followed by intense caressing and kissing and a string of orgasms although each girl knew the one who had been spanked had the far superior orgasms.

The next day they watched out again when Kate and Jessica left the house to go out for the evening. This time Fran spanked Abi before they again made love.

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She thought her hearing was misleading her but after listening at the bedroom door she was sure she was listening to a spanking. Afterwards she went to her own bedroom lay on her bed and tried to blot out the gasps erotic sighs exciting spanking stories panting which she knew was from love making. Just as she thought there was no one there. Her fingers found her hair mound ever so quickly and she was already damp as she ran her fingers along her pussy, pressing one finger inside, and soon she was having her own orgasm, followed quickly by a second and a third.

She lay breathing heavily as her eyes closed, her last thoughts being a determination to ask Abi in the morning if she really had heard a spanking. Next morning Abi and Fran came downstairs, fresh faced, both wearing short skirts that just covered their bottoms and vest tops, a bra and knickers.

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Both were laughing as they walked in to the kitchen to find Jessica sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee. Fran smiled at the 26 year old. They were students so that made sense. Abi froze with her mouth full of cereal. Neither had heard Jessica come home although Abi knew it had always been a risk. The two 20 year olds blushed, looked blankly at each other and then back at Jessica who was enjoying herself.

So, who spanked whom? Sex and spanking. Not what I would have expected but why not? There was after all a love hate relationship between the two of them. Jessica reckoned her younger sister always got her own way when she was younger and hated that. She even wondered for a moment if she could get to spank Abi. We really would like both of us to be spanked.

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What do you think? Exactly what she had been thinking. Actually Mum asked me if I thought you two were an item and when I said yes she was really cool with it. So spanking you as well, hey why not? Fran could not believe the audacity Abi had but it was working.

Just then 47 year old Kate came in to the kitchen and Jessica explained to her Mum what had been discussed. Kate looked questioningly at her younger daughter. How cool was that? Your hand is great for a warm up Mum but we both like the hairbrush as well Mum, a flat wooden paddle brush like the one you use for your hair.

I am quite happy to help you two girls out. A good spanking for the two of you. I have to go out but will be back at tea time. Shall we say when I get back then? During the rest of the day Abi and Fran spoke of little else other than how great it was going to be. Fran was here another month and if it all works out their sex lives might exciting spanking stories motor. The two 20 year olds listened out whenever they thought they heard Kate return home and that only raised their excitement. Eventually Kate did get home and they all had tea in the kitchen. Abi placed two paddle hairbrushes on the edge of the table and whilst Kate and Jessica smiled to themselves whenever they glanced at the hairbrushes not much was said over tea exciting spanking stories the spankings to come.

Abi and Fran were tense but really looking forward to them. Abi and Fran saw the two upright chairs facing each other and Abi placed a hairbrush on each of them. Kate and Jessica both sat on a chair holding the hairbrush. Fran looked at Abi and Abi nodded back. Is that OK with you both?

Abi and Fran unzipped their short skirts and let them fall to the floor before stepping out of their knickers. Both took their vest tops off and stooped to pick up their skirts and knickers putting them neatly on the table before they put their arms behind themselves and unhooked their bras. Abi felt even more aroused than she had expected as she stood naked in front of her Mum and older sister.

Exciting spanking stories

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