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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Hotelier Posts: 13, Forum Member. I've used the Jasmin website. At first I tried it because the idea of interactive porn seemed quite attractive. However, what happened was I started forming bonds with some of the girls, and in the end, I was going there for companionship, and was quite happy just chatting, especially with one girl, who was beautiful and really nice to chat to, I got a bad crush on her.

I stopped then, as I felt I was getting to emotionally involved and it was costing me a fortune. Also, from chatting, I found out that a lot of the eastern european, russian etc girls do this because they can earn far more than the national average wage in their country. In the ukraine for eg, the girls make 5 times that. Many do it to pay their way through college, so they can get an education. Others have elderly relatives they want to look after, to cam girl forum medical bills etc etc. And some do it, because they like it! Things they could never afford in a 'normal' job in their countries, were very low pay is the norm.

RubusRoo Posts: 10, Forum Member. Hotelier wrote: ».

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JonDoe Posts: 31, Forum Member. If I want to watch a woman strip I'll tell our Doris she smells. Dunce Posts: 6, Forum Member. With ''Live Jasmin'' popping up every second there's no need to pay. Not necessarily. The rest goes to the camsite owners. I visit myfreecams from time to time and never had to pay a penny to get my rocks off uh, which is pretty much what porn is for so let's not go acting all surprised. You don't even need to register. There are pretty strict rules about what the girls can do so definitely no scat.

There are the public cam rooms, which are the only places I've ever been. Premium members "tip" the girls with tokens. Usually there'll be a countdown eg tokens until hot oil show. Running the s that's dollars with fifty bucks going to the performer. So maybe 10 or 20 guys would throw in money. The girls range from the utterly professional to daft as brushes.

The popular ones chat and have raffles and other fun events. I've seen 3. When they take the shows private either solo or in group THEN it costs so many tokens per minute and IS way expensive. And my absolute favourite girl there is skyblueuk who has dyed blue hair yup Her name gives it away. Though this would be a good place to ask this. I don't know how but somehow some porn person has got hold of my MSN dunno why I accepted the add.

But its really getting annoying, does anyone know how to get rid? Digital Sid Posts: 39, Forum Member. Boom wrote: ». Yeah its amazing. Eating, Pooing and you can get paid for it for some unknown people watching you. Seems like a great way to make money. If cam girl forum was a girl I would! And yes, you dont even need to be decent looking. BBW is a popular fetish. So yeah if youre female go for it. I dont get the whole feet thing either. Hands are far far nicer cam girl forum. I can see why people pay for sex but paying for porn seems pretty dumb.

FlikkityFlik wrote: ». If they're 'dirty slappers' why are you sleazing over them? Are you desperate for the attention of these luscious perma-tanned beauties? ChuckyBlackhart Posts: 2, Forum Member. Why do that when you can go to cam4 and see all the cams for free and many people are from the UK. Registration is free and when you register you can talk to the person on cam in the chatbox or add them to your friends list. Caldari Posts: 5, Forum Member. ChuckyBlackhart wrote: ». If it's free, how do they make a profit?

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Do they have absolutely lo of adverts? Caldari wrote: ». Digital Sid wrote: ». It was bumped by a new member posting spam to a cam site, which has now been deleted.

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Bill Clinton Posts: 9, Forum Member. This is ridiculous. For that sort of money you could take a girl out to the most expensive restaurant in the country and still have change left over for 12 pack of condoms yes, 12 condoms in one night is standard for me. Chaturbate is the best In or Register to comment.

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