Anal kink

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No biggie, right? Check these anal sex tips out before you enjoy anal exploration.

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A lot of women want the subject brought up long before the actual action takes place. And some women will never ever let you in the back door.

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I had this happen once, and it kinda spoiled the foreplay that I was already enjoying. Some ladies would prefer your cock in there than a finger. This is basic etiquette, and especially important if part of your play includes rimming with a tongue. By this, I mean fingers, butt plugs or insertable sex toys.

Always imagine how something that size in your butt. Like Goldilocks, there are some she will think are just right. Even the wettest of women will want this available during anal sex, just in case. It will make everything better, for both of you.

The majority of men shudder at getting peggedand the idea of something going up their butt, often sighting the gay factor. Sticking your lightning rod up her ass is only one way to enjoy anal. Try tossing her saladbutt plugs, anal be, strap-onsand spanking. This is a very erogenous zone that sometimes gets left behind, anal kink. You may also want to explore different anal sex positions. It feels more vulnerable than regular intercourse, so often a modicum of trust is required.

Be patient. This anal kink be shortly after or over coffee, depending on your relationship. The thing is, if you want to keep doing, you want to know what she thought. Listen intently and file the specifics of the conversation for future reference. Women are much more open to exploring new things if their partner pays attention to the details. Leave a comment! Get Kinky Mail!

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Anal kink

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Anal Play Dos and Don’ts