How to give a man a sensual massage

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There's nothing ladies love more than a massage.

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But guess what? So do our male counterparts. They like a nice rub down as well and there's nothing that gets someone quite in the mood like a massage. So if you're crushing, dating, or married to a man that you need to be utterly completely yours, here's how to give him a great massage.

You'll want to use these until he's completely entranced with your loveliness. Some kissing, caressing and then maybe after a few minutes, she makes me flip over. Not necessarily going right for the gold, but not taking too long either.

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In other words, create a little anticipation and don't treat him like he just showed up to the spa. Treat him like you're his little love slave. Oils would be good in this situation. Some kissing there would be nice too. Are you surprised? Understanding how to give him a great massage means recognizing that you should be touching all of him, especially his penis.

And really, kissing? We understand the translation. Soft lights were the unanimous requirement to making sure you're giving him an intense and memorable massage that has him moaning your name. Some men want you to wear is rather simple: "Nothing.

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Or maybe just a tank top and panties. For other men who want a little more "lace" with his massage, he suggests you wear something sexier. This way you'll look pretty and the material will feel just as nice on your skin.

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He actually wants you to knead his sore body. This means digging into those tense neck and shoulders and working the muscle knots in his back. Make sure your hands are warm and ready, too.

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You can't simply massage with your bare hands. Apparently, that won't do at all because when you've got oil, the fun takes off. Just start out slowly. Of course, there's another vote for some hand play: "The perfect massage is when I begin on my stomach, but she occasionally reaches under and rubs lightly around my penis. You know your man's tastes. While one man might want soft music, the other may want something edgier. So it all depends on his taste.

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How to give a man a sensual massage

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