Food sploshing

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Keeping it interesting in the bedroom is a long-debated topic. There are many fetishes out there in the world, some tame and some bizarre. We not here to judge, however. Aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries of course but what about incorporating the food into the act itself? Both sex and food are generally sensual and happy activities known to boost serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins, so why not combine them together?

Sploshing also known as wet and messy fetish [WAM] refers to a fetish that incorporates food items either for arousal or during sex itself.

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The allure stems from the appeal of different textures smeared, placed or dumped onto the skin or clothes. As you can imagine, food is an excellent source for this kind of pleasure, not to mention tasty too. So, which food stuffs are the best? According to a survey of 1, people conducted by Canabiotics. The twenty available answer preferences included condiments, fruits, beverages and seafood. To cool things off while heating things up, ice lollies took bronze for their phallic shape, cold temperatures and sticky remnants, while oddball choices butternut squash and apple pie brought up the rear.

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Food sploshing

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